WWE has a strict Wellness Policy. If you pop dirty for anything other than marijuana then you’re suspended. In fact, about 50% of WWE Superstars smoke weed according to Enzo Amore.

Ryback has been tested by WWE a time or two and he knows what goes down. He also revealed that the testers have to make sure that stars aren’t using fake penises because that’s been an issue in the past.

During Conversations With The Big Guy, Ryback walked fans through the process of WWE’s Wellness Policy.

“As far as I know nothing has probably changed on that. It was all through a third-party, Aegis, they’re working with WWE where it was always multiple times a year that they showed up. Every once in a blue moon on a live event, like on a Friday, but typically they would be there on a Monday or a Tuesday. You get to the building, Mark Carrano has his coral of WWE referees, they always tell you that you have to go see Mark Carrano because the drug testers are here in which I would always say that I was going to eat first because you get to the building after working out and you go and get some food.”


“They try to get you in there really quickly and they corral you into the Talent Relations and you all sit down in a big group in there and you are drinking waters until you have to piss, eventually, after I was there I would do my own thing. I would get there and I would eat and unpack, get situated, drink some water so when I went in there I already had to piss. You get it; you get your ID, they do the whole check deal, the paperwork and then you go to the bathroom and you pull your pants down to your ankles and you lift your shirt up and show the guy your t*ts, show him your d**k and then you piss right in front of him. It is really an annoying process in the grand scheme of things.”

WWE went a very long time without suspending anyone on the main roster for violating their wellness policy. With Robert Roode and Primo Colon’s suspensions coming in at the same time it makes us wonder who might be next and how long it will take until someone slips up again and finds themselves suspended without pay.

Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the quote

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