WWE doesn’t like it when the fans cheer and boo in the opposite direction. This could be a real issue for the next two weeks.

Seth Rollins is a heel on television. He hasn’t turned full heel at house shows, but he is expected to get boos on television. He also lives in Iowa and those fans love him.

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer discussed a big dilemma that WWE is certain to have for the next two weeks. Next week’s Raw will be taped tonight as well. It’s going to take a lot for those Iowa fans to boo the Architect.

Also, it’s gonna be really interesting because they’re in Des Moines Iowa for the next two weeks of television and those people are gonna cheer Seth most likely because it’s his hometown. If it’s not working for one week of TV it’ll be for two weeks of TV.


WWE has been known to pipe in cheers and boos when they need them, especially for pre-taped events. We’ll pay close attention to the crowd next week to see if things don’t line up.

Since the Royal Rumble is the next big event on January 26th they could theoretically have Kevin Owens chase Rollins for the next two weeks and never find him in Iowa.

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