Becky Lynch isn’t one to ever hold her opinion back. The Man was recently asked about how she would change WWE creative and she had a very direct response.

While appearing at a recent Gorilla Position live event in London, England, Becky Lynch was asked about how she would change WWE creative. She has been quite vocal in recent weeks about not getting used and the Raw Women’s Title not getting any love. This creative freedom is something she would love on a regular basis.

“I think I would give the wrestlers more freedom to talk and to be able to cut their own promos. Because we know ourselves, what our mission is. We know why we want to do things, why we don’t like people.”

“If we don’t know those things then we shouldn’t be in WWE. My God!”


Becky Lynch really shouldn’t need much help when it comes to figuring out what to say. Still, WWE has a team of writers trying to pen things in her voice. Maybe they could get much further if they let Becky Lynch pick her own words for a change.

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