Becky Lynch Says RAW Women’s Title Deserves More In WWE

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Becky Lynch hasn’t been featured on WWE RAW for the past two weeks. She did compete in a dark match last night, but that’s obviously not the same.

The RAW Women’s Champion cut a promo backstage after RAW was all said and done. She realizes that it’s been two weeks since she last appeared on RAW and she went on to admit that it’s been two months since defending her title.

The Man said that the title deserves more and she has “one last debt to collect.”

“It’s been two weeks since I’ve been on RAW, and it’s been two months since I have defended this. Now did we think that the powers that were keeping me down in the beginning of all of this have just gone away?”

“I have said the fight that I want, and I have said that I will fight them in the parking lot if I can’t get it on a pay-per-view. I am the face of this company but I am not going to be the mouthpiece because this title deserves more. I deserve more. The people deserve more. I’ve said the fight that I want. I have one last debt to collect.”

Becky Lynch didn’t seem too happy about being left off of television. WWE didn’t put her in a title feud rolling into Survivor Series due to her storyline for the event.

There shouldn’t be anything keeping her from being in a feud right now and with TLC coming up very soon it looks like she has her eye on a match she wants.

Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the quote

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