Die Hard is a move that takes place at Christmas time, but is it a Christmas movie? This usually becomes a heated debate this time of year.

Alexander Wolfe alerted Eric Young and Killian Dain to a meme about it not being Christmas until the bad guys from Die Hard show up. Apparently, this was a topic of conversation within the SaNITy stable.

Killian Dain chimed in and said that Die Hard is a Christmas movie. He defended his point, but then he tagged in his wife Nikki Cross who tweeted out:

DIE HARD IS A CHRISTMAS MOVIE! It ends with “Let it snow”, it takes place at Christmas time, “HO HO HO…now I have a….”, Santa hats….. IT’s A CHRISTMAS FILM!!!


Drake Maverick saw this tweet from Nikki Cross and thought that he would insert his opinion. He is not of the mindset that the Bruce Willis classic falls under the category of a Christmas movie. It is simply a movie that takes place during Christmas.

It’s an action movies that happens at Christmas time. Not a Christmas movie. Christmas has nothing to do with the theme of the film. Could have happened any time of the year – It just so happened to be Christmas that terrorists tried to take over Nakatomi Plaza

Shane Thorne had a pretty astute observation when he tweeted back saying: “Home Alone isn’t a Christmas movie, it’s a robbery movie that just happens to occur at Christmas time.”

Everyone in this argument has a point, but nobody’s brought up Gremlins either. This will certainly be a discussion that wages on every time someone suggests that they watch a Christmas movie until the end of time.

What is your opinion on the matter? Join us on the Ringside News Twitter and take part in our poll. As of this writing, there are about 65% of fans who think Die Hard is a Christmas movie. That number would be way higher if Nikki Cross had anything to say about it.

Felix Upton

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