Austin Aries left Impact Wrestling shortly after dropping the Impact World Title to Johnny Impact at Bound For Glory. This resulted in yet another controversy surrounding A Double.

Johnny Impact is no longer with Impact anymore either. He has since re-signed with WWE and will be John Morrison once again. He was left with the Impact World Title after Aries exit, but according to The Greatest Man That Ever Lived it wasn’t supposed to be that way.

While speaking to Chris Van Vliet, Austin Aries revealed that Bound For Glory originally had a much different finish. In fact, he was supposed to retain his title.

“Less than a week or so before the event, I was doing some media, and intuition kicks in. I made a phone call to make sure everything was still as planned. ‘Actually, champ. We think we’re gonna do a title switch at the pay-per-view.’ I was like, ‘motherf*ckers.’ I don’t give a fuck about dropping the belt. I do care about the fact that you’re deciding this after we did eight weeks of TV and now you just made me a liar. Secondly, I wasn’t led into this whole change of plans. Communication was an important part of our process. I’m put off by what’s becoming a lack of transparency and communication, which was most important in our relationship.”


“They send me an extension. Instead of the long-term deal like they said, they send it last minute when I’m flying over. It’s an old negotiating tactic, wait until the 48th hour, put him in a corner and now I gotta make a decision. Unfortunately, this time, I wasn’t blinking. I sent something back and said, ‘draw something up that gets us through TV because I’m not gonna sign on for the same terms for another three-six months. We waited all this time and all this shit changed.’ My intention was — I have no problem dropping the title — but I need to create a moment for [John]. When I think of a title, I want to pick what I think is my opponent’s weakness and I want to strengthen it. With John, this guy has everything. But is he mean? If I go spit in his wife’s face, what’s he going to do? Is he going to fight me? Is he tough? I’ve never seen that side. Let me see if I can pull that out.”

Austin Aries was asked if he was able to create a moment for himself and Johnny Impact. In the end, he believes that he was able to do both.

“In the week after that moment, I left with more value than I walked into the match with. As a guy who just lost clean, I left with more buzz and value as a loser. A rematch immediately had value. I wasn’t trying to shit on John’s moment. I wanted to create a moment. People say I ruined his moment, I actually created one. It was our moment,” 

Austin Aries is still doing well and making his own schedule. You can never rule out a return to Impact Wrestling, but apparently, he still doesn’t know why he was released from WWE.

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