Lance Storm Reveals Which WWE Superstar Made Him Miss Wrestling

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Lance Storm started a new chapter in his career last week as a producer backstage with WWE. He seems quite happy with his in-ring retirement as he gets to influence others and help build matches, but he recently got the itch to perform again.

Storm revealed that he hasn’t wanted to make a return to the ring until he saw Charlotte Flair compete this weekend. That caused him to miss working in front of a live crowd after watching The Queen do her thing.

For the last 15 years people have asked me if I miss working in front of a crowd. Watching @MsCharlotteWWE wrestle on the Live Events this past weekend was the first time in those 15 years that I did.

Lance Storm is still getting acquainted to his new role in WWE, but it probably wouldn’t take much convincing for him to work with Charlotte Flair in the future. Watching someone with great skill can inspire you to try it yourself. It seems like Lance Storm found some inspiration where he might not have expected it.

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