AEW really surprised fans with how far they went in the lights out match between Jon Moxley and Kenny Omega at Full Gear. That match included several hardcore instruments of destruction that we seldom see used by major wrestling companies.

Jon Moxley recently told the State of Combat podcast that he knew some fans would hate the unsanctioned match at Full Gear. He also knew that some people would love it. This was a very interesting match to set up as well because Mox went on to explain how much of the match that came together wasn’t his idea.

“I was thrilled with that match. I remember thinking the night before about how far we were going to take it. You take two guys like me and Kenny Omega who are super-creative guys who really don’t give a damn what anybody thinks about anything. We are pretty immune to worry, fear or criticism,” stated Moxley. “I remember thinking the night before how some people are going to hate this match but it is going to be awesome. We are going for it.”

“It is funny how little any of this was my idea. I make no apologies for my love of the death match/hardcore style, but I would never force that upon anyone else. I would never have imagined that we can go that far in AEW, so when some of these ideas were being thrown around, I was like, we can do that? Hell yeah! This is going to be awesome. To do something that is going to legitimately shock people and get people talking in 2019, and more importantly, something that was different. Pay per views for the last decade or so, even if they are really good you pretty much know what you are going to get, so to do something that was totally unexpected and create a really unique painting – I said this in media recently that we painted the painting that we wanted to paint. It’s not something everyone is going to want to hang up in their living room. They might look at it and make them a little uncomfortable.”


Jon Moxley described a creative meeting with AEW like giant jam band session. Everyone is throwing their ideas in to figure out the best way to tell the stories in the ring.

Apparently, Moxley sat back and let a bunch of dangerous ideas land that he had nothing to do with. That doesn’t change the fact that he is still incredibly proud of what they were able to do in Baltimore.

Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the quote

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