Kane has been a part of plenty of infamous angles throughout his career. Setting The Undertaker on fire during the 1998 Royal Rumble was certainly something that will stick in fans’ brains forever, especially if they’re claustrophobic.

The Big Red Machine locked Taker in a casket and then he set it on fire. After the event was over, the casket was opened and The Dead Man had vanished. This was a big stunt and an event better magic trick pulled off in front of millions.

While speaking to Pardon My Take, Kane revealed that he had no idea how big the flames were going to be when he set his brother on fire. It was a big surprise, but there were safety precautions in place.

“There were a lot of smoke and mirrors. The thing was that they used lighter fluid. That was the actual accelerant, but they didn’t tell me how much they had used. It ended up being a lot more and more spectacular flame than I thought it was going to. Evidently the arena still remembers that. It was pretty controlled, we had safety measures in place.”


This is a classic example of a stunt that WWE probably couldn’t pull off in the TV-PG era. After all, it’s not very family-friendly to set your brother on fire.

This angle certainly stands the test of time and it’s interesting to know that Kane was just as surprised to see all those flames as the rest of us were.

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