The Undertaker and Kane had a blood feud in WWE as The Big Red Machine’s first rivalry. One of the many climatic points of this war between brothers was an Inferno Match at Unforgiven on April 26, 1998.

While speaking to Pardon My Take, Kane explained how that day came about. They only had time to rehearse the dangerous stunt once. The Hollywood stunt men that they brought in also informed them that it usually takes much longer to set up the kind of stunt Vince McMahon’s company was about to attempt. Thankfully they pulled it off, but it had a lot to do with Kane being able to remember a lot of things.

“Even the first Inferno Match — I talk about it in the book — basically I’m gonna have my arm lit on fire. That’s not really a natural thing to do, right? Glenn isn’t [born from fire] Kane might be.”

“So we have some Hollywood stunt people come in and we’re rehearsing that day. They’re like, ‘You’re gonna do this real time?’ We’re like, ‘Yeah.’ They’re like, ‘Man, this took us weeks to set up.'”


“So we did a rehearsed burn outside where they put everything on. I’m looking at my arm and there’s like real fire on it and they’re telling me like I go to move and they’re like ‘NO, NO DON’T DO THAT!’ You gotta move this way and keep your arm behind you because if you put it in front of you you could inhale the flames, right?”

“So here’s the thing. I have to go out there and do a twenty minute match. Do all this stuff then do this stunt that I’ve never done before except in a rehearsal in front of a live audience of 15,000 people and millions watching on pay-per-view and I have to keep all this stuff straight in my mind, right?”

The Inferno Match is legendary. It’s been a very long time since WWE attempted this famous gimmick match, but it’s still a fan favorite. If it wasn’t for Kane remembering all of the specifics to keep the fiery stunt safe we might remember this dangerous match much differently.

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