Sandman recently caught a storm of controversy when he said that women shouldn’t be main eventing a pro wrestling show. If you ask him, he never said anything.

Jordynne Grace sent out tweet claiming that it was much worse than described. Apparently, Sandman said this in front of multiple people and not just Grace, Taya Valkyrie, Rosemary, and Su Yung at WrestleCade.

When the ECW original appeared on Busted Open Radio he denied ever saying anything. He doesn’t even know who Jordynne Grace is.

“I was not talking to four women, ever. I don’t even know who that girl is,” Sandman said of Grace. “I never talked to that girl.


“Originally, I was talking to John Morrison’s girlfriend, Taya Valkyrie, I was just walking by her and said hi to everybody and asked her what was going on? I asked her what number she was on tonight because I like watching her matches and would like to help her out in any way that I can and I was talking to her, not to four people at all.”

“Jordynne Grace was not there the entire time my conversation was taking place, she was not in that conversation.”

It seems like Sandman is going to stick with the story that he didn’t say anything about women main eventing. If there are more people who heard him then they will likely come forward. Tessa Blanchard certainly sounded like she heard something said judging by the shoot promo she cut about it.

Despite claiming that he never spoke to Grace, Sandman wasn’t shy about backing up his opinion on women in the main event. He doesn’t think that fans are ready to see females in the top spot on the card.

“I didn’t think any of [the criticism] was warranted at all until my kids called me stating that I was trending for two days and I’m trending for telling somebody that to me it’s not important what was tweeted. But the bottom line is that I don’t think that most fans are ready for girls to be in main events, that’s it. There are so many girls that totally deserve to be main eventers in all kinds of different types of organizations; from WWE and AEW, but no, I absolutely don’t think like that and that’s just the way it is. I don’t know where Jordynne Grace got her information but I know that I never talked to that girl [Grace].”

Odds are this isn’t the last time that The Sandman will rile people up with his opinion. This is especially true if he keeps having the opinion that fans aren’t ready to see women main event pro wrestling shows in 2019.

Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the quote

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