Shayna Baszler Shuts Down Scammer Using Her Name To Get Gift Cards From Fans

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Shayna Baszler is NXT Women’s Champion so she doesn’t need to ask fans for cash. That is apparently the game some scammers are trying to pull.

The Queen Of Spades was alerted to a scam that someone was trying to pull on a fan. Via DM messages the scammer said: “I will give you the address… and you can just get me one Vanilla gift card or Amazon gift card that will be ok for me to get anything I need online.”

Baszler wanted to make it very clear that she is the champ and she doesn’t need gift cards. She would do without before asking fans for help.

I’m THE champion. I would never ask for gift cards. I would simply go without. People that do this rank right up there as some of the most pathetic people on Earth. Try working hard yourself like I did, loser.

Oddly enough this isn’t the first time scammers have used Shayna Baszler’s likeness to get gift cards from fans. She’s had to shut this down before and we wonder how many more times she’ll have to address the subject again.

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