Kurt Angle On Who WWE Needs To Push

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Kurt Angle is now a producer for WWE, but he has no say in who gets pushed. If the WWE Hall Of Famer did have a say in things then we now know who he would put on television.

During a recent Facebook Q&A, The Olympic Hero revealed who he would push if given the chance. There are several people who he would give opportunities to, but he named three specifically.

“Shorty G. Cedric Alexander. Lacey Evans. Just to name a few.”

Shorty G did not appear on Friday Night SmackDown this week, but Roman Reigns did name drop him. Lacey Evans did appear on SmackDown and it looks like she is being inserted into a top feud at this point. As for Cedric Alexander, his push might have stalled as Vince McMahon reportedly lost interest in him for now.

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