Footage Revealed Of Lacey Evans Calling Daughter From Saudi Arabia

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Lacey Evans and Natalya made history as the first two women to wrestle in a WWE ring while in Saudi Arabia. This was a big moment that Evans was able to share with her family even though they were around the planet at the time.

Evans revealed that when she first heard that her match in Saudi Arabia was happening for real, she FaceTimed her family at home. Her daughter was just waking up due to the time change, but Evans’ husband put her on the call.

Lacey Evans’ daughter Summer looked at the camera and said: “Mommy you’re gonna change everything.” That was certainly a motivating statement to hear. Then her daughter fell back to sleep.

The Lady Of WWE called her family back about an hour before her match started while in the makeup chair. Summer was awake this time and they were able to share a pretty special moment on camera. You can check out the video below.

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