WWE Survivor Series 2019 Results

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We see the Raw Women’s Champion backstage. Lynch says it’s been weeks of open doors and attacks. But while she has been crossing the world, being the man seven days a week, Shayna Baszler has been training. And she knows that any minute not in the gym puts her at a disadvantage. But time cannot erase what she knows about herself, and she will use that tonight. As for Bayley, she hasn’t overlooked or disrespected her. Bayley has attacked her repeatedly but she hasn’t retaliated because she didn’t want to hurt Bayley. But tonight, she will.

WWE Championship

No Holds Barred Match

(C) Brock Lesnar Vs. Rey Mysterio

The bell rings and Rey goes out of the ring to grab his metal pipe from under the ring. Rey gets into the ring and Brock climbs out. Lesnar laughs on the outside as Rey tries to goad him in. Rey runs out as Brock runs in, then Brock hits Mysterio with a clotheslines as he slides inside. Lesnar lifts Rey and clotheslines him again. A third clotheslines from Brock.

Lesnar throws Rey out of the ring, then throws him over the Spanish announce table. Brock removes the top from the table and props it against the table, then belly-to-belly suplexes Rey onto the lid. Brock puts the lid on top of Rey and jumps on it. Lesnar lifts Rey and runs him into the ring post. Lesnar puts Rey on his shoulder and attempts to lawn-dart him into the ring post but Mysterio shoves him into it.

Mysterio crawls into the ring to grab the pipe but Brock runs in and puts his foot on it. Brock then German suplexes Rey onto the steel pipe. A second German from Lesnar, then a third.  Lesnar lifts the steel pipe but out comes Dominic with a white towel. He begs Lesnar to stop but Brock grabs the towel and throws it away. Lesnar grabs Dominic by the throat but Rey low-blows Lesnar! Dominic then low-blows Lesnar!

Rey hits Brock with the pipe in the back, then again, and again. Dominic comes in with a steel chair and he hits Brock, who falls on the middle rope. Rey and Dominic then hit stereo 619’s to Lesnar! Dominic goes up top and hits a frog splash onto The Beast, followed by one from Mysterio and they both pin him but Lesnar kicks out! Heyman is holding his head.

Rey and Dominic get up and head to opposite corners but Lesnar jumps up, grabs Dominic and German suplexes him across the ring.  Rey then looks for a crossbody but Brock catches him and hits an F5 for the win.

Winner: Brock Lesnar

Brock and Heyman retreat up the ramp with the WWE Championship as we see replays. Brock looks shocked at what just happened.

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