WWE Superstars risk their bodies every time they step in the ring. Injuries can happen in the blink of an eye and when you least expect it. This can sometimes derail a career and we’ve seen it happen far too many times to count.

Dolph Ziggler recently spoke to The Mirror about his longevity in WWE. He has been fortunate to have never experienced a major injury. He then said that those add up and after a while WWE might lose trust in a Superstar to perform.

A lot of it is luck because injuries, no matter how good you are, can put you on the sidelines. No matter how good you or your opponent are, you can step on the mat wrong and tear your ACL. So a couple of those add up, and they don’t trust you anymore and you can’t do certain things.

“But also being able to adjust at all times and being ready to go whether you’re being a glorified enhancer talent or someone that’s told ‘we’re going to revamp the entire tag-team division, starting today, with you and this tag partner that you’ve never wrestled with, and you’re going to do 45 minutes tonight and it’s going to go on and on, go!’ and you can do it and not have them go ‘he wasn’t really ready for that’. You’re always prepared for any possible role. I can talk on TV, I can make it funny, I can do a behind the scenes interview on the fly, I can go talk to investors, to kids, to an anti-bullying rally. You can do all those things, something Miz has made an entire career out of, I can do that, plus the good wrestling.”


It would be nice if the WWE locker room could go for a very long time without a major injury popping up. That seems to happen far too regularly and even more now that they are taking injuries much more seriously nowadays.

Felix Upton

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