WWE Survivor Series 2019 Results

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Survivor Series 2019 begins with a hype video that heavily promotes NXT.

The first match of the night is a traditional elimination match. SmackDown consists of Captain Sasha Banks, Carmella, Lacey Evans, Nikki Cross, and Dana Brooke. Team Raw is Captain Charlotte Flair, Kairi Sane, Asuka, Sarah Logan, and Natalya. And finally, Team NXT is led by Rhea Ripley, with Candice LeRae, Bianca Belair, Toni Storm, and Io Shirai.

Women’s Survivor Series Elimination Match

Team SmackDown Vs. Team Raw Vs. Team NXT

The fans are chanting “NXT” loudly. The match begins with Sarah Logan, Toni Storm, and Lacey Evans. Lacey throws her skirt at Sarah and kicks her, then drops Toni Storm. Logan and Storm hit Lacey with a flapjack and she tags Nikki Cross.

Nikki punches Sarah Logan but Toni drops Nikki with a right hand. Logan catches Storm with a Samoan drop, then hits a handspring knee to the back. Cross jumps on the back of Sarah Logan and applies a sleeper but Logan hits a jawbreaker to get her off. Logan lifts Cross for a German but then Storm lifts her and hits a double German suplex.

Carmella, Io Shira, and Kairi Sane are tagged in. Sane and Shirai come face-to-face, having had a long history in Japan. The fans chant for Io. Carmella comes between them and they both hit her, so she tags Dana Brooke. Sane catches Io with a headscissors, but Shirai responds with a dropkick to the face. Io looks for a double-underhook facebuster but Sane counters her. Dana Brooke finally does something and whips them both into the corner. Brooke with a handspring back elbow, followed by a swanton bomb to both women for a two-count.

Lacey gets the tag and, with Dana, hits a double hip-toss to Sane. Shirai tags Candice LeRae, who punches Evans in the face. Asuka is tagged in but LeRae hits her with a snapmare and a senton. LeRae with a spinning STO from the middle rope to Evans for a near-fall. LeRae tags Rhea Ripley, who gets a big reaction from the crowd, and she dropkicks Evans from the ring. Asuka gets Rhea in an armbar but Bianca Belair breaks it.

Natalya runs in and drops Belair with a discus clothesline. Nikki Cross runs in and hits Natalya with a neckbreaker. Io comes in with a dropkick to Nikki but gets hit with a spear from Charlotte. LeRae runs in and hits a Charlotte with a dropkick but Charlotte superkicks her. Toni Storm hits Carmella with a German suplex, then Dana Brooke drops her with an enziguiri. Sarah Logan takes-out Brooke with a slam, then Banks drops her with a backstabber. Banks is the only woman in the ring and the only one standing.

Doctors stop the match to check on both Io Shirai and Candice LeRae. Not sure what happened there but both women are taken to the back, with the commentators saying it might be because of WarGames. The match resumes with Rhea, Charlotte, and Sasha, and NXT is down to three. Ripley refuses to wrestle Charlotte, so Belair tags in. Nikki Cross and Sarah Logan also tag in. Cross rams Belair in the corner, then hits Logan with a neckbreaker. Cross dives off the apron onto Rhea Ripley, then pulls Toni from the apron and drills her with forearms. Rhea lifts Nikki onto her shoulders and onto the apron, where Belair rolls her up for the first pinfall. Nikki Cross Eliminated.

Raw 5 SmackDown 4 NXT 3

Carmella enters the match and hits Belair with a headscissors, then superkicks Logan. Bianca lifts Carmella and hits KOD but the Princess rolls from the ring. Belair forces Logan to the corner but Sarah hits a headutt. Logan then jumps off the apron to dropkick Rhea and Toni. Belair pulls Logan back into the ring and hits a handspring moonsault. Belair drops Logan with a right hand and heads to the top rope for a 450 and the pin. Sarah Logan Eliminated.

RawSmackDown 4 NXT 3

Charlotte enters the match with Bianca Belair and tells her to kiss her ass. Belair takes a waistlock and Flair elbows her. Charlotte drops her with a clothesline, then Carmella rolls-up Charlotte for a near-fall. Carmella with a kick to the gut, then Charlotte throws her to the apron and kicks her off. Belair rolls-up Charlotte for a near-fall, then drops her with a lariat. Flair comes back with a big boot, then heads up top.

Carmella looks for a handspring hurricanrana but Charlotte pulls her up. Charlotte wants a powerbomb but Carmella gets the hurricanrana onto Belair! Carmella tries to pin both women multiple times to no avail and just screams. Carmella drags Bianca by the hair and superkicks her. Charlotte catches Carmella with Natural Selection and scores a pinfall. Carmella Eliminated.

RawSmackDownNXT 3

Toni Storm, Sasha Banks, and Kairi Sane are now legal. Storm drops Banks with a kick, then Sane clocks her with a spinning back hand. Sane heads up top and hits the InSane Elbow ut Banks breaks the pin with a meteora and scores a pinfall. Kairi Sane Eliminated.

RawSmackDownNXT 3

As soon as Kairi is taken out, Asuka comes in. Lacey runs in and Asuka drops her with a headkick, same to Rhea. Asuka with a knee to Banks, followed by a bulldog to Toni Storm. Asuka drops Dana Brooke with a spinning heel kick and that’s it for Brooke. Dana Brooke Eliminated.

RawSmackDownNXT 3

Asuka shoves Charlotte and pulls her hair. They continue arguing until Flair pulls her down by the hair. Lacey tries to take advantage of the in-fighting but Flair chops her over and over until she collapses. Flair hits an exploder suplex into the buckles, but Asuka hits her with the green mist and leaves the match. Lacey drops Charlotte with The Women’s Right. Charlotte Flair Eliminated.

RawSmackDownNXT 3

Natalya, the only remaining member of Team Raw, runs in and tries to roll-up Evans to no avail. Evans whips her into the corner, then Toni Storm comes back. Natalya hits Evans with a rope-assisted atomic drop. Natalya with a clothesline to Storm, then rolls-up Evans for the pinfall. Lacey Evans Eliminated.

RawSmackDownNXT 3

Rhea and Belair look real smug on the apron right about now. Storm, Banks, and Natalya are the active wrestlers, and Storm attacks both with right hands. She looks for Storm Driver on Natalya but gets countered with the Sharpshooter. Banks runs over and applies the Bank Statement to Storm while she’s in the Sharpshooter and Toni taps. Toni Storm Eliminated. Bianca Belair comes in and gets hit with a Hart Attack from both Banks and Nattie. Bianca Belair Eliminated.

RawSmackDownNXT 1

And we’re down to three members left, one for each team: Rhea Ripley of NXT, Natalya of Raw, and Sasha Banks of SmackDown. Ripley gets in the ring reluctantly but the fans are fully behind her. Sasha and Natalya look to team-up but Banks turns Nattie around and drops her with a right hand for a pinfall! Natalya Eliminated.

Raw 1 SmackDown 0 NXT 1

Ripley and Banks come face-to-face and trash talk each other. Ripley blocks a punch and unloads on Banks. Ripley hits a big sit-out facebuster, followed by a dropkick for a near-fall. Banks looks for a headscissors DDT but Ripley uses her strength to stay on her feet. Banks takes a sleeper but Ripley flings her off. Rhea runs but gets hit with a drop toe hold into the bottom turnbuckle. Banks follows-up with double knees and heads up-top for a meteora but Ripley kicks out!

Loud NXT Chant from the crowd. Banks climbs up top and jumps but Rhea catches her with a big boot for a near-fall. Ripley lifts Banks and applies her hanging Cloverleaf. Banks counters and gets Ripley in the Bank Statement. Ripley fights up and out but Banks reapplies the move. Suddenly, Io and Candice come back out and pull Ripley from the ring – they were never eliminated! Banks hits all three women with a suicide dive.

Ripley drives Banks into the barricade, then into the ring apron. Back in the ring, Ripley lifts Banks and looks for the Riptide but Sasha lands on her feet and knees her in the jaw. Io pulls Sasha’s hair from the apron, then Candice LeRae distracts the referee, allowing Io to hit a springboard dropkick. Ripley hits the Riptide and NXT score the first win of the night!

Winners: TEAM NXT

RawSmackDownNXT 2

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