Roman Reigns Set For Huge WrestleMania Push

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Roman Reigns was Vince McMahon’s chosen top Superstar and he did everything possible to get a huge babyface pop for the Big Dog. This did not prove successful as over time fans started to resent Roman Reigns for the push he was receiving.

Wrestling News reports that the idea backstage in WWE is that it has been long enough that fans will forget how hard Reigns was pushed before. Vince McMahon still sees Roman Reigns as a top Superstars and this could put him in line for a big push around WrestleMania.

“The feeling on Reigns is that he’s gone long enough without being shoved in the fan’s face and that he is no longer seeing the fan backlash that Seth Rollins is getting right now or the backlash that John Cena was getting for most of his babyface run.”

It was also reported that Roman Reigns’ current feud with King Corbin is considered a “placeholder” as they go into a new year. After Reigns is done with Corbin then he could very well be on an eventful road to WrestleMania.

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