Rumor Killer On Tony Khan Storming Off During Starrcast

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Tony Khan was around during Starrcast and AEW Full Gear, but a recent story from Eric Bischoff made it seem like Khan didn’t have the best time at Starrcast. Now Conrad Thompson is setting the record straight.

Khan was said to have stormed off after getting called out for being a money mark. This was during a roast for Tony Schiavone’s birthday, but Conrad Thompson had to rebut this story from Bischoff because it’s simply not an accurate re-telling of events.

For the record, this isn’t accurate. Khan stopped by to celebrate Schaivone’s birthday before his dinner reservation downstairs with MJF, JR, Darby, Kip, Jeff Jones, Janela, Havoc, Excalibur, etc. He left after Hudson’s set not Madden’s. I can confirm: no hard feelings from Khan

No disrespect to my pal @EBischoff as this was the talk of the evening until something more interesting happened downstairs. Of course I razzed @MarkMaddenX about “killing the town” but it was always in jest. No one is safe during a Roast and it was great fun for @tonyschiavone24

For the record, Ringside News was contacted by a couple of people who told us that this story from Easy E wasn’t 100% legit. Tony Khan did have to leave for a bit, but he came right back and had a great time from what everyone saw. It turns out that Eric Bischoff must have just read this situation the wrong way.

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