WWE Pulled In SCARY Low Number By The Last Minute Of RAW This Week

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WWE RAW saw the lowest non-holiday numbers in the history of the show this week. Viewership has been slacking, but this week might have hit a critical number.

RAW lost about 300,000 viewers every hour this week. They had a big NFL game in competition with them that went into overtime. This meant that they didn’t have a lot of people sticking through the entire show.

The third hour of RAW this week caused a dramatic decline as viewership dipped in a big way. Dave Meltzer said on Wrestling Observer Radio that the final minute of RAW only saw 1,259,000 fans watching the red brand.

This is an unbelievably low number, but a lot of things played into it. Not only was RAW pre-taped this week, but they also had huge competition on other channels. We’ll have to see if they can improve things, but they really need to think of something.

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