Rusev On If Current WWE Storyline Is Affecting Real Relationship With Lana

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Lana and Rusev are involved in a very scandalous storyline in WWE. Lana left Rusev for Bobby Lashley and the two are now notorious for their public displays of affection.

While speaking to Digital Spy, Rusev said he is very happy with the storyline and it’s the hottest thing going in the company.

“How can I not be happy? It’s the hottest storyline in the whole WWE, it’s been the hottest storyline for years. So of course, I’m happy with it.”

He was also asked whether this storyline is affecting his real-life relationship with his wife. He said that they’re professionals and it’s just like stepping on any stage as an actor.

“Not many people are willing to do something like this, but we’re professionals so, of course, we’re used to it. (Being professional) is what any other actor does, you know, when you’re going to step on stage or whatever. This is no different than that.”

This is quite an interesting storyline and we’ll just have to see where it leads. In the meantime, fans will just enjoy or loathe whatever they do every week. At least they are doing well on YouTube.

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