Lana & Rusev’s Cheating Angle Continues To Receive Outstanding Reaction

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Lana came out this week to let the world know that she’s pregnant. This ended up being a dirty trick on The Ravish Russian’s part, but Rusev didn’t know it at the time.

The fake pregnancy angle received a lot of attention from the Manchester crowd as they booed it out of the building. Those UK fans didn’t give it much of a chance at all.

WWE’s fans on YouTube obviously loved the video because they made another video in this angle go viral. As of this writing, Lana and Rusev’s latest installment of their angle with Bobby Lashley has 1.4 million viewers.

If you compare that number to the rest of the videos from RAW this week, there really is no comparison when it comes to interest. A ton of fans are talking about this segment. They might not all be good comments, but it is still engagement.

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