WWE Changed Seth Rollins’ Boos To Cheers On Pre-Taped RAW

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WWE held their SmackDown and RAW shows in Manchester. Everything was recorded last Friday which gave WWE some time to edit things. Apparently, they did just that when it came to The Architect.

During RAW last night, Seth Rollins said that he’s the best wrestler on the planet. This received a huge round of boos from the live Manchester crowd, but that’s not how it appeared on RAW last night.

Alex McCarthy of Talk Sport called attention to this and asked if anyone could confirm. It seems like he’s not the only one who noticed audio discrepancies in the RAW broadcast.

Just watching #RAW back. Anyone in attendance will back me up here: Seth Rollins’ line “I think I am the best wrestler on the planet” was roundly booed. Yet, they’ve made it sound like a majority cheer on the broadcast. Weird that they do that.

The Lana segment also didn’t receive nearly the amount of boos that it did in the videos that recorded the crowd’s actual live reaction. We have even heard that WWE used crowd shots from an October RAW instead of the Manchester crowd during Seth Rollins’ speech. This was done to show a cheering crowd during his promo.

It seems like WWE did what they could to edit the audio in several places throughout the broadcast, even inserting it into video pieces like the Singh Brothers’ backstage angle with R-Truth.


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