Dustin Rhodes On His Role As AEW Promo Coach

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Dustin Rhodes knows a thing or two about cutting a promo. He portrayed the flamboyant and often misunderstood Goldust for decades in WWE. Now he is helping cultivate a new crop of pro wrestling stars with AEW.

During Starrcast IV, Dustin Rhodes spoke about his role as promo coach in AEW. He said some of the younger talent have never been given the platform to cut promos and he loves seeing that gleam in their eyes as they catch on to things.

“I love these kids now. They’re trying and they’re getting behind the camera and as you all know I’m their promo coach. I love to watch them and they’ve never talked before really like to an audience really or in front of a camera and they start out and you can see them so nervous and looking at the camera and thinking about what to say.”

“It’s important that they step outside of that comfort zone and just actually become something that they’re scared to do, you know? And they see it. They see it after four or five takes they’re like, ‘Oh man, that is so cool I see the difference there’ because I see it in their eyes, I see it in their soul and the fans can see that and they can feel that and that’s important. It’s important not to shackle the talent and let them express themselves.”

Some AEW stars obviously have more practice on the microphone than others. Through Dustin Rhodes’ teaching and AEW’s staff they are creating a roster of wrestlers who can help carry the company for years to come.

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