WWE’s Reported End Game For Rusev & Lana Storyline

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Rusev and Lana are in quite an interesting storyline right now. She left him for Bobby Lashley and the two heels are making a real geek of Rusev every week.

This week, Lana said that she was pregnant only to reveal that it was a ploy so Rusev would come down and catch a beating. It also turns out that she’s reportedly not quite comfortable to where things are heading.

Brad Shepard reports that Lana might not be 100% okay with what is going on, but it’s a storyline that’s getting her on television. The end game is also to see Rusev and Lana eventually reconcile.

Apparently the idea is for Rusev and Lana to eventually re-unite. How heart warming.

That might be the plan now, but we’ll just have to see if that is what fully develops. After all, the pages of WWE’s history books is full of programs that Vince McMahon lost interest in that never saw a proper conclusion.

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