Lana Reportedly Isn’t 100% Comfortable With Entire Bobby Lashley Storyline

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Lana left Rusev in the storyline for Bobby Lashley. This has resulted in weeks of sultry segments to entice crowds and create viral YouTube videos.

This week on Raw, Lana revealed that she was pregnant. This was just to lure Rusev to the ring so Lashley could attack. It turns out that she wasn’t pregnant at all.

Brad Shepard reports that Lana might not be too comfortable with this current storyline. It’s better than not having anything to do.

A source in #WWE told me that Lana was easily the most uncomfortable with this entire storyline. However, it’s either that or sit at home.

Only time will tell what’s next for Lana and Rusev. It looks like these two are going to continue this storyline for a while because Rusev is scheduled to face Bobby Lashley at Starrcade in December.

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