Hangman Page Opens Up About His All Out Horse’s Death

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Adam Hangman Page fought Pac at Full Gear and was successful in his mission in Baltimore. Now the two will get their rubber match next week on Dynamite.

Page had a normal entrance at Full Gear, but he rode in on a horse at All Out. That horse passed away not too long ago and it was a hard moment to lose Hunter Horse Helmsley.

During the Full Gear media scrum, Hangman spoke about this sad loss.

“Ah shoot man, it’s been tough. It’s not like when your dog dies you can just get another one. You know when a horse dies it’s different. It just takes time, you know. I bonded with Chuck [Taylor] about it. He had a horse die on his birthday when he was a kid — twenty years ago — it’s still a dead horse. We bonded about it. I don’t know if he’d admit to as much, but we’ll get through it.”

Hunter Horse Helmsley’s family actually called him Stony, but it’s nice that Page was keeping kayfabe. The horse might not have really been Hangman’s horse, but it’s still a dead horse.

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