Corey Graves Takes Shot At Lana For Not Bringing In Ratings

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Lana and Rusev are in the middle of a big storyline where she cheated on him with Bobby Lashley. We’re not going to spoil what’s going on with them, but you can click here for that info.

The Ravishing Russian is pretty sure of herself. She recently sent out a tweet about how everyone is talking about her. Lana said she’s ravishing and brings the ratings. Corey Graves agreed with the first part, but the ratings draw line might have been a bit of a stretch.

Ravishing? Sure. Ratings? They don’t work like golf scores, ya know

Lana and Rusev are likely to continue getting a focus on WWE television. She could be going through quite an interesting turn in her career. We’ll have to see if the ratings improve next week on RAW, but last week wasn’t the best sign for them.

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