AEW To Reveal Weekly ‘Top 5’ Rankings For Each Title

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AEW is a pro wrestling company where wins and losses matter like never before. Their official website lists wins and losses under their stars’ names and it seems like All Elite Wrestling will be keeping with this trend.

In an effort to put worth a legitimate sports feel, Cody Rhodes revealed during a media conference call that AEW will release a Top 5 list of contenders for every title. They will reveal the first list today and every Friday after that.

It seems like AEW fans will have something else to look forward to as they take a look at the weekly rankings. We’ll have to see how this will matter in terms to how Dynamite is booked. It is certainly another thing to consider when keeping track of All Elite Wrestling.

Keep checking back with Ringside News throughout the entire day. With Starrcast IV going on an RAW & SmackDown spoilers this is a packed day of news.

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