Jimmy Korderas On AEW Referees’ ‘Blatant Disregard For Rules’

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Former WWE referee Jimmy Korderas knows a lot about how to maintain order in the ring. If it was up to him, AEW referees would be taking notes.

All Elite Wrestling doesn’t want their matches to end in DQ and that is quite apparent. They give referees a lot of discretion during matches, but as Korderas pointed out in a recent “Reffin Rant,” that can sometimes lead to a blatant disregarding of the rules.

“I can’t get past the refereeing. It is absolutely killing me because the blatant disregard for rules just continues week after week after week. It’s kinda like — I’m compare it to a doctor watching New Amsterdam or Grey’s Anatomy and saying. ‘Why is the doctor on the show doing this? A doctor would never do that, that doesn’t make any sense.'”

“When I watch these [AEW] referees that’s kinda what comes to my mind. It’s kinda like there should be someone there telling them how to react and do things and then I think you’ve got Arn Anderson there as an agent. You’ve got Dean Malenko, Tully Blanchard, Dustin Rhodes. You’ve got some of the best minds in the business and this goes on. How is this possible? I don’t get it.”

It should be noted that Arn Anderson has not been publicly announced as signing with AEW. He did sit in on commentary during AEW Dark this week.

We’ll have to see if AEW referees will start to officiate their matches in a tighter fashion. That doesn’t seem to be All Elite Wrestling’s style, but perhaps they will start noticing outside interference a little bit better.

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