The Rock Compares UFC Walk To His WWE Days

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Mixed martial arts fans and purists were given something of a shock to the system this weekend when prior to the main event at UFC 244, The Rock’s music hit and he walked towards the Octagon with the BMF Championship over his shoulder.

While everyone already knew that he was there, the sight of seeing him make what was essentially a pro wrestling entrance really did throw a lot of old school MMA fans off.

Interestingly enough, when The Great One reacted to the moment on social media, he actually compared the sensation to what it was like walking down to the ring during his days with WWE.

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This psychology hit me like a ton of f*cking bricks. My walk to the @ufc octagon carrying the BMF Title for #UFC244 had my senses razor sharp and adrenaline pumping but controlled. I thought about all the times I’ve walked to the wrestling ring for my @wwe championship matches and all that goes thru my mind – live crowd acumen and crowd control, my timing, tempo and cadence with all the highlight moves I’ll need to execute with my opponent, controlling my cardio (especially if my match was 45min+), or if I knew I was going to have to bleed, I’d go over that scenario one more time on this walk, and then finally, right before I walk out I can literally FEEL the crowd and soak in their DNA before my music hits because my business is all about crowd connection and success. There’s nothing like it. Now, the wild psychology that hit me on this walk, was all MMA fighters – in every division – do this same adrenaline fueled walk, with so many thoughts coursing thru their minds – but in the end, have no idea what the outcome will be, because they’re fighting for their lives and success. Must be nothing like it. Two wildly different businesses yet intersect in some very cool ways. Grateful for this experience. Thank you @ufc. All respect. All love. #peopleschamp

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Given the kind of influence that The Rock has on Instagram, with his account being the third most followed in the world behind Cristiano Ronaldo and Ariana Grande, you’d have to imagine that WWE would prefer for a bit of the spotlight to be on them as opposed to the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Still, at least they received a mention, and at least they were able to get Dwayne to show up to the SmackDown premiere on FOX – even though his segment with Becky Lynch and Baron Corbin wasn’t universally praised.

It’ll be interesting to see how invested Johnson becomes in the world of mixed martial arts from now on as the lines continue to be blurred between these two industries. Either way, we’re just happy that the guy is having fun, and hopefully he can also continue to give the rub to the pro wrestling world too.

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