Welcome to Ringside News’ coverage of AEW Dynamite, a mere three days away from Full Gear!

Tonight’s show features a tag team showdown with Kenny Omega and Adam Page taking on Chris Jericho and Sammy Guevara, PAC facing Trent of Best Friends, and a big announcement of sorts from Cody Rhodes.

That’s all that has been announced for tonight’s show. Seeing as we’re only a few days away from Full Gear, I think we can agree AEW’s build has been quite poor outside of the main event. The matches announced are Cody Vs. Jericho, Moxley Vs. Omega, PAC Vs. Hangman Page – with no story, The Bucks Vs. Santana and Ortiz – with no story, and Riho Vs. Emi Sakura – with no story. Hopefully tonight AEW cares to shed some light on these feuds, or maybe we’ll just get more flips.

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Dynamite kicks-off with the announcement of a few new matches tonight, all of which are, of course, tag matches.

PAC Vs. Trent W/Chuck Taylor & Orange Cassidy

The match gets underway and PAC takes a wristlock. Trent rolls out and take a wrist of his own. PAC uses the ropes to assist a flip out, then takes a headlock. Trent escapes and PAC stares him down as the fans tell him he sucks. PAC rolls from the ring to talk trash to Orange Cassidy. Trent runs out and chases him inside, where the two exchange leap-frogs and dodges before Trent connects with a dropkick.

Trent chops PAC in the corners, then the bastard rolls to the apron. PAC looks to flip over the ropes for a DDT but Trent catches him and hit a bridging suplex. Again PAC rolls from the ring and Trent follows, but this time PAC rums him into the barricade, then the other barricade and knocks it back several feet. PAC lifts Trent and drops him on the barricade, then slides into the ring.

PAC waits until Trent nears the ring and hits a twisting tope to the outside. PAC sends Trent inside and climbs on the top rope, where he connects with a missile dropkick for a one-count. PAC hits a snap German suplex for a two-count, before applying a rear chinlock. Trent fights out and whips PAC to the corner but gets tossed over the ropes to the floor. PAC readies for another dive but Orange Cassidy slides in and stops it. Chuck Taylor distracts the referee while Orange Cassidy hits multiple massive kicks to PAC’s shins. PAC then drops Cassidy with a pump kick and shimmies him from the ring.

Trent gets mad and hits PAC with several lariats and an overhead suplex that sends him from the ring. Trent hits a flip over the ropes onto PAC, then whips him into chairs at ringside. Trent tosses PAC into the barricade before connecting with a big spear. Trent gets PAC back inside and hits a knee for a near-fall.

They stare at each other and come face-to-face. PAC looks for a lariat and misses but Trent hits one that flips PAC. Trent connects with a swinging DDT from the corner for a near-fall. PAC rolls to the outside and Trent follows but the bastard hits a brainbuster on the floor! PAC rolls Trent inside and heads up top for the Black Arrow and lands it but Trent kicks out! PAC applies the Brutalizer and Trent passes out.

Winner: PAC

PAC doesn’t let go of the hold until Chuck Taylor comes into the ring. Chuck pulls Trent from the ring and PAC grabs a microphone. PAC tells the fans to shut-up, then addresses “Hangman” Adam Page and says this Saturday he will make an example out of him…again.

Tony Schiavone will talk to Cody about his big announcement after the break.

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Cody makes his entrance to a big pop from the fans in North Carolina.

Cody joins Tony Schiavone in the ring and Tony mentions that this is Cody’s hometown. Tony asks Cody to reveal his announcement ahead of his World Title match against Chris Jericho.

Cody says that The Inner Circle’s attacks on The Elite has been meticulous and like with a scalpel. However they scoured the globe to bring their group together, from The Bucks to Kenny Omega. He reminds us that he faces Jericho on November 9th, then name-drops Cowboy Bill Watts, Dusty Rhodes, and others, saying they were titans in the business. He says those who saw them with their eyes remember it. But for the cold historians in the business, they remember those men were also management, not unlike himself. Cody says that, for the past year, he has told anyone who would listen that he is so proud of AEW. He rhymes off the creativity, the pay, the work-schedule, etc., and says AEW is freedom for wrestlers. So he hears the same criticisms thrown at him for being both management and talent. And his announcement is; if he doesn’t beat Chris Jericho at Full Gear, he will never challenge for the AEW World Championship again. The fans boo.

Cody addresses Jericho and says that is a very big “if” because it won’t come to pass. He says Jericho has called him a millennial bitch but he read in Jericho’s famous book – which you can get for $3 – that Jericho discredited everything he has done in the business. Yet his life wasn’t so hard, being the son of a famous hockey player. “It’s almost like we share the exact same silver spoon, you dick.” He says the dirty little secret about Jericho is that he needs this job and this generation more than it needs him. Y2J surrounds himself with younger talent to make himself better but that’s not what it’s about for him. It’s about his father, it’s about his brother, it’s about his mother, it’s about his wife, and it’s about taking 14 years to go from undesirable to un-goddamn-deniable. Cody says the ground is rumbling and it’s because The Elite is coming and they are going to eat The Inner Circle alive! What a great promo.

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The AEW Tag Team Champions, So Cal Uncensored, come out and join the commentary team. The winners of this next match will be added to the Tag Team Title match at Full Gear between SCU and The Lucha Bros.

Dark Order Vs. Private party

As soon as the bell rings Grayson attacks Quen with forearms. He tags Evil Uno into the match, who whips Grayson into a forearm on Quen in the corner. Grayson then shoves Quen into a clothesline from Uno but Quen is able to fight back with an atomic drop on Grayson. Kassidy blind tags in and hits a leapfrog cannonball on Grayson as Quen holds him in a camel clutch.

Kassidy clobbers Grayson with a flurry of forearms but gets caught with a Uranage in mid-air. Uno tags in and hits a Backbreaker on Kassidy before choking him via the ropes. Grayson shoves Kassidy into a big boot from Uno and tosses him to the apron where Uno sweeps his leg out from under him. Grayson then hits a Slingshot Somersault Senton onto Kassidy on the floor as we head to the break.

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Back live and Uno prevents Kassidy from making the tag. Uno looks for a suplex on Kassidy but the kid reverses it and hits his own for a pop. Quen and Grayson both tag in but the former gets dropped clothesline from the latter. Grayson and Uno hit a sidewalk slam/leg drop combo for a near-fall.

Uno and Grayson look for the Fatality but Quen blocks it and hits a Moonsault out of the corner on Uno after knocking Grayson to the floor. Quen then hits a gorgeous Somersault Plancha over the top onto Uno and Grayson on the floor. The announcers keep pointing out how inexperience Private Party seem with the way they aren’t going for covers, etc.

Back in the ring, Quen hits a Springboard crossbody for a near-fall and tags Kassidy into the match. Private Party whips Grayson into a lariat but Grayson ducks and connects with a Pele kick to both!

Uno tags in and hits a neckbreaker on his knee on Kassidy for a near-fall as Quen breaks it up. Grayson and Quen both tag in and Dark Order hit a knee/forearm combo followed by a 450 and a cannonball for another near-fall.

Dark Order goes for the Fatality again but Quen counters with a hurricanrana on Grayson and tags Kassidy, who springboards right into a superkick from Grayson. They go for the Fatality a third time but Quen breaks it up and Private Party hits the Silly String! Private Party connects with Gin & Juice on Grayson for the win!

Winners: Private PARTY

Private Party are now added to the Tag Team Championship match on Saturday at Full Gear.

We get a video of The Inner Circle. Jericho is sitting at a table and Sammy Guevara walks-up and asks him which Bubbly he wants. It’s as though Jericho isn’t listening, then says yes to one and kisses him on the cheek. Sammy Guevara says that Jericho is like a father to him, while we see Y2J in a bath drinking champagne. Soultrain Jones (Virgil) says he has known Jericho since he was 12 years old and he’s as driven as now as he was then. Santana and Ortiz criticise Cody, saying he’s like a boy in comparison. Some old woman who allegedly knew Jericho from his childhood says he’s going to “beat the $hit out of Cody”. Sammy Guevara says Jericho is in the prime of life and the youngest AEW World Champion of all-time. The video shows Jake Hager a few times and he doesn’t speak. Chris Jericho says he struggles with being so great. He says Cody has to go to meetings and whatnot, while he has the genuine issue of getting up and trying to find the best bubbly, but he deals with it because he is Le Champion. A funny video but an incredible way to undercut the seriousness of Cody’s promo.

We see a replay of Santana and Ortiz attacking The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express last week, then the announcers run-down the entire card for Saturday’s PPV – which you can read all about here at Ringside News!

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Riho & Shanna Vs. Jamie Hayter & Emi Sakura

Riho and Sakura start the match and they lock-up, with Emi just throwing the AEW Women’s Champion, and taking her down with a headlock. They exchange counters and holds before Hayter lands a cheap-shot from the apron to allow Sakura to continue her dominance.

Riho fights back with a knee to the face and makes the tag to Shanna, who immediately makes herself known with an uppercut. Shanna lands a basement dropkick and goes for the pin to no avail. Riho tags in and teams with Shanna for a double team wheelbarrow splash. Riho looks for her version of the 619 but Emi blocks it and hits a double underhook backbreaker before finally making the tag to Hayter.

The bigger Hayter ploughs through Riho. Hayter hits Riho with two suplexes in a row and talks some trash as we head to the break.

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We return to see Hayter still firmly in charge of Riho but the Champ makes the tag. Shanna comes in hot and takes down Hayter with lariats, followed by a bulldog and a jawbreaker. Hayter counters Shanna with a backbreaker and makes the tag to Sakura.

Emi tries to rally the fans like Freddy Mercury – despite being a heel – and hits a splash in the corner. She looks for a Vader Bomb but Shanna gets her knees up. Hayter pulls Shanna from a pinfall attempt from the outside. Shanna counters Sakura and hits a headscissors to send Emi to the outside. Shanna heads to the top rope and hits both Jamie and Sakura with a crossbody on the floor!

Shanna gets Sakura back into the ring and hits a huge brainbuster for a near-fall. Shanna applies a full nelson but Sakura breaks free and hits a swinging neckbreaker. Hayter gets the tag and slams Shanna into the turnbuckles, followed by multiple forearms. Shanna whips Emi into Shanne in the corner and hits a clothesline for a two-count. Michonoku Driver from Hayter earns another two-count, followed by a release suplex and a lariat for another near-fall.

Riho broke up the pin attempt and immediately got tossed to the outside for her troubles. Sakura tags in and hits a pumphandle backbreaker, followed by the Vader Bomb but Riho hits a double stomp from the top rope to break it up. Riho tags in and looks for double knees to Sakura but she misses and they exchange quick roll-up attempts with Sakura scoring the pin!

Winners: Jamie Hayter & Emi Sakura

The fans are shocked but, with Emi taking on Riho at Full Gear, it’s the only finish that made any sense. Sakura stares at Riho after the match and motions for a belt around her waist.

We get another video of the evolution of Brandi Rhodes. She says she has consistently been dismissed for who she is. She says she has the brain and Awesome Kong has the brawn, enough to tear through people. Brandi says she does not have any power. All she needed was a lapse in judgement, a moment for all the bitching to catch up to you and it has. So she has to ask, who are the bullies now?

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Shawn Spears Vs. bRANDON CUTLER

The bell rings and they lock-up with Spears taking a wristlock. Cutler reverses for one of his own but Spears drops him and does the “ten” taunt. Cutler gets fired-up and hits Spears in the corner before flipping over him and mocking the ten taunt.

Cutler hits a kick from the apron and knocks Spears from the ring. Cutler looks to pull Shawn back inside but gets pulled out and slammed into the barricade, then again. Spears punches Cutler against the barricade before connecting with a running knee. Spears chops Cutler on the outside before sending him back inside.

Spears hits a few shots but Cutler drops him with an enziguiri. Spears dodges Cutler and hits a big boot, followed but a running Death Valley Driver for the win.

Winner: Shawn Spears

After the match, Tully sends a chair into the ring. Spears lifts Cutler to hit a Death Valley Driver onto it, but Joey Janela comes out and runs Spears and Tully off. On AEW Dark last week, Spear attacked Janela and tried to pull his tongue out.

*Commercial Break*

We get a hype video for the Unsanctioned Match between Kenny Omega and Jon Moxley on Saturday.

“Hangman” Adam Page & Kenny Omega Vs. Chris Jericho & Sammy Guevara w/jake hager

We start this match with Kenny Omega and Sammy Guevara, but Omega says he wants Jericho, so he tags in…then immediately tags back out. Kenny and Sammy lock-up and Guevara takes the back and slams Omega down. A front facelock from Sammy G but Kenny escapes and takes a facelock of his own. Guevara and Omega continue to exchange holds until Kenny slaps the back of Guevara’s head, prompting Sammy to slap Kenny back. They flip over each other but then Kenny drops him with a gnarly knife edge chop.

Kenny continue to chop Sammy raw, then whips him to the corner and delivers a flying back elbow and a back drop. Adam Page tags in and teams with Omega for a jumping leg-drop/shooting star press combo. Page chops Guevara, then they have a super awkward exchange that lasts a minute. Page hits Guevara with a fallaway slam for a two-count. Sammy fights back with a knee and some forearms before tagging Le Champion.

Jericho runs in and Page drops him with a big boot. Jericho counters Page with a back elbow, followed by a missile dropkick. Some ground and pound from Y2J, then he lifts Page and hits a suplex and tags Guevara. Sammy looks for a suplex but Page counters into one of his own. Guevara knocks Omega from the apron and tags Jericho.

Y2J hits a clothesline in the corner but then Page counters with one of his own and tags are made to Sammy and Kenny. Omega comes in hot and takes down Sammy for a near-fall. Kenny chops the chest of Sammy over and over, before hitting a rolling fireman’s carry and a springboard moonsault for a near-fall. Kenny looks for the release German suplex but Guevara lands on his feet and hits an enziguiri.

Sammy takes to the apron and hits another enziguiri. He looks for a springboard but gets clocked with a dropkick in mid-air. Kenny readies for a dive to the outside but Jericho runs in. Omega hits Y2J with a hurricanrana that sends him from the ring. Omega looks for the dive to the outside again but this time it’s Hager who hits Omega while the referee is distracted.

*Commercial Break*

Back live and Jericho is beating on Omega. Sammy chokes Kenny with the tag rope while Jericho distracts the referee. Kenny flips over Jericho and tags Page, who comes in hot and drops Y2J with a clothesline, then kicks Guevara from the apron, hits Jericho with a fallaway slam, and hits a dive to Sammy on the outside.

Back in the ring, Page hits a discus lariat to Jericho that knocks him from the ring. Sammy knocks Hangman from the ring, then tries to clothesline Kenny out of the ring but gets tossed over himself and caught by Hager. Kenny then dives over onto Hager and Guevara, followed by a moonsault from the top by Hangman!

Hangman gets on the apron but, from nowhere, PAC appears and attacks him while the referee isn’t looking. Hangman is rolled into the ring where Jericho hits the Judas Effect for the win!

Winners: Chris Jericho & Sammy Guevara

After the match, Guevara, Hager, and Jericho attack Hangman until Cody comes running down to make the save. He hits Sammy with a drop-down uppercut, and the heels turn to leave. While walking up the ramp, MJF came out and attacked them, sending Jericho back into the ring, where Cody hit him with Cross Rhodes.

Suddenly, Jon Moxley comes through the crowd with his barbed wire bat. He gets into the ring and points at Kenny Omega. Jericho pulls Cody from the ring and they continue their brawl, while Omega pulls the barbed wire mop from under the ring and get back inside to fight Omega. Before they can do much, Santana and Ortiz come down with barbed wire bats of their own. The Bucks then come running down and hit both with superkicks.

Everybody brawls up the ramp onto the stage where Santana and Ortiz look to powerbomb Nick Jackson off the stage but Kenny Omega prevents it. Omega drives a knee into Santana, then Moxley reappears and drops Ortiz with the Paradigm Shift. They stop for a second before brawling with each other again and their fight spills to the back where they disappear. Nick Jackson then takes to the top of the LED screen and dives off onto everyone standing below. The heels then retreat down the ramp and we have a stand-off. That’s not the end though, because the brawl breaks out again and the show goes off the air with everyone fighting across ringside and up the ramp.

And that’s the final Dynamite before AEW Full Gear on Saturday. We’ll have full results of the PPV right here but, before that, be sure to let us know what you thought of tonight’s show and come back tomorrow for more news. Until then, safe travels!

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