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After last week’s shocking ending to NXT, the NXT Universe has been buzzing, and it’s time for another edition of the black and yellow brand on the USA Network.

After standing side by side with #DIY last week, Finn Balor shocked the system when he hit Johnny Gargano with an overhead Pele Kick, followed by a 1916 elevated DDT on the entrance ramp. Ever since this turn of events, the collective entire NXT Universe has been asking the same question: Why, Finn, why? Is Finn a part of The Undisputed Era? What does this mean for the NXT Championship picture? Will Finn Balor have an answer for his actions? We’ll find out tonight.

On the topic of in-ring competition, Io Shirai and Candice LeRae look to renew their rivalry as they face off one-on-one. After Shirai’s interference in the match between Bianca Belair and Rhea Ripley last week, Candice Lerae came to the rescue and took out the X-factor that was Shirai. This match is going to be a barn-burner, adding another chapter to the feud between these two.


After being laid out by the left hand of the inaugural WWE United Kingdom Champion Tyler Bate, Cameron Grimes looks for retribution as Bate makes his return to action at the Full Sail Arena to go head-to-head with Grimes. This marks Grimes second big match with a markee talent in NXT, so will Grimes achieve his Cave In double stomp on Bate, or will Bate leave Grimes counting the lights?

Finally, Tegan Nox and Dakota Kai defeated Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir last week to earn a WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship Match against The Kabuki Warriors tonight. Will Nox and Kai fall victim to the green mist, or will the returning Nox and Kai bring the women’s tag titles to the black and gold brand? Furthermore, will Shafir and Duke make their presence known during the match, as Kai and Nox dispatched of them in a fairly decisive manner? Find out tonight.

We are set for another electrifying edition of NXT, and we start the coverage tonight when NXT goes live at 8:00 PM EST!

Opening Segment

A special live musical performance from Poppy kicks off this Halloween edition of NXT. A video package recapping some of the biggest moments from last week plays in the background.

Poppy’s band song transitions into another song that brings out Io Shirai, and Poppy accompanies Io to the ring while lights strobe and Io poses in the ring to uproaring applause.

Io Shirai vs. Candice LeRae

Io slaps Candice and Candice chases Io to the outside. Io hits Candice with a tiger kick and then a tope to the outside, then throws Candice back into the ring. Candice hits a tope of her own and throws Io back in the ring.

Candice hits Io with a step-up senton for a 2 count. Io hits a lungblower on Candice from the second rope and then goes on the attack, kicking away at LeRae. Shirai gets a 2 count and transitions into a chokehold, but LeRae fights out of it. Shirai fires back with a dropkick Shirai goes back to kicking away at Candice’s head.

LeRae fights to a vertical base and rolls up Shirai for a 2 count. LeRae follows it with a jawbreaker and attempts a tilt-a-whirl move, but Shirai somersaults out of it. Candice hits Shirai with a step-up enziguri.

On the apron, LeRae and Shirai fight for the upper hand. LeRae hits Shirai with a few back elbows and Shirai rolls into the ring. LeRae goes for the top rope and Shirai meets her there, looking for a superplex. LeRae shoves Shirai down, but Shirai gets up and hits the ropes, knocking LeRae to the outside and we got to a picture-in-picture commercial.

LeRae gets back on the apron, but Shirai catches her with another tiger kick. Shirai hits a huge springboard dropkick for a very convincing 2 count. LeRae rolls up Shirai for a 2 count, and Shirai meets LeRae with a stiff right hand, cold-clocking her.

Shirai lifts a dazed LeRae, but Candice hits her wit ha right of her own. Shirai lifts Candice and runs her into the corner, getting a two count. Shirai goes for double knees in the corner, but Candice moves out of the way.

Candice and LeRae meet with both attempting a diving crossbody, both are up, as we return from commercial. LeRae takes down Shirai with a clothesline and a dropkick. LeRae hits a tornado DDT on Shirai for a 2 count. LeRae forces Shirai into the corner and goes for an avalanche swinging neckbreaker, but Shirai tosses LeRae off. Shirai goes for a moonsault, but LeRae gets her knees up.

Shirai and LeRae trade blows, and LeRae gets Shirai in a small package for a 2 count. Shirai goes for an armbar, but settles for a headscissors submission attempt instead. Le Rae reaches the ropes and forces a break. Shirai goes tp the outside and grabs a chair. Shirai goes to swing it on LeRae, but the ref stops her and LeRae catches Shirai in a roll up for 2.

LeRae fights back and goes for a springboard moonsault on Shirai, but Shirai rolls out of the way, forcing LeRae to land on the steel chair. Shirai pins LeRae for the 3 count.

Winner: Io Shirai

Shirai attacks LeRae after the match and goes to hit her with the chair, but Rhea Ripley comes to the rescue and chases off Io Shirai.

Main event announced: Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly vs. Keith Lee and Matt Riddle.

A video package talking about the response to Finn Balor’s heel turn plays, and Finn Balor is up next on NXT, but first, we got to a commercial.

Back from commercial, and we see a recap from two weeks ago when Damian Priest defeated Pete Dunne through less-than-clean tactics. A rematch between the two is announced for next week.

Finn Balor’s music hits, and he strolls out the entrance ramp. Finn still does his signature arm pose as a spotlight hits him. Finn holds the pose, and brings down his arms, pointing finger guns down at the camera.

In the ring, Finn is met with a mixed reaction of boos and cheers. Finn cuts a work-shoot promo on his character and the way he was treated on the main roster and the locker room. Finn says that Gargano shouldn’t be “Johnny Wrestling,” but should be “Johnny Watches Wrestling,” and says that he’ll send Gargano back to the hospital. Finn leaves the ring and walks out.

A video package hyping up The Kabuki Warriors as WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions plays, and we go to commercial.

A video package hyping up Tyler Bate and the rest of British Strong Style plays, and we are reminded that Bate will face Grimes later tonight.

Shane Thorne vs. Bronson Reed

Throne takes down Reed immediately with a series or running kicks into the corner followed by a cannonball, Thorne runs at Reed, but Reed catches Thorne with a clothesline and a senton, grounded Thorne.

Thorne and Reed exchange chops, and Reed catches multiple chops onto Throne. Reed goes for a running move, but Thorne catches Reed wth a kick and a side suplex, pinning Reed for a 2 count. Thorne kicks away at Reed’s chest, back, and side, grounding Reed.

Thorne goes for a running boot, but Reed catches the boot and hits a huge release German suplex on Thorne and then follows it up with a huge move for a 2 count. Reed goes to the top rope, but Thorne crotches Reed on the top turnbuckle and follows him to the top. Thorne goes for a hurricanrana, but Reed throws Thorne down and hits Thorne with a huge splash from the top rope, getting the 3 count and the victory.

Winner: Bronson Reed

Cathy Kelley is standing by with Dakota Kai and Tegan Nox. Kai says that they worked hard to come back from injuries and they are ready to take the fight to the Kabuki Warriors, and Nox says that she wants to win the titles with her best friend, as we go to another commercial break.

Back from commercial, and we see a video package promoting Mia Yim.

Women’s Tag Team Champions The Kabuki Warriors vs. Dakota Kai and Tegan Nox for the Women’s Tag Team Championships

The crowd chants welcome back to Asuka and Sane before the match begins. Tegan Nox and Asuka start of the match, and Asuka grounds Nox in a side headlock and Nox tries to get the advantage on Asuka, but Asuka is too smart. She tags in Kairi Sane, and Sane grounds Nox with a strong right hand to Nox’s chest. Nox and Sane trade blows, but Sane steps on Nox’s foot and then knocks her to the ground.

Nox sends Sane into the corner and catches her with a single leg dropkick. Kai takes down Asuka and they go to the outside, but Asuka and Sane get the upper hand on the outside of the ring as we go to commercial break.

Back from commercial, and Asuka and Nox are legal, but Nox tags in Kai for some double team maneuvers. Kai takes down Asuka with a series of arm drags and pins Asuka for a 2 count. Kai goes to the apron and attempts a kick through the ropes, but Asuka catches her with a dragon screw takedown through the ropes. Asuka hip attacks Kai, sending her to the outside.

Asuka confidently takes down Kai with kicks to Kai’s head. Asuka goes for a submission hold on Kai’s injured knee. Kai kicks at Asuka’s head to break the hold, but it isn’t enough to break the hold. Asuka maneuvers the leg hold and Kai goes for an enziguri and Asuka dodges, taking Kai down.

Asuka tags in Sane, and they double team Kai. Sane walks the plank, and slides with an elbow into Kai in the corner, following it up with a pinfall attempt for a 2 count. Sane locks in a series of leg locks on Kai, Sane drags Asuka to the corner by her leg, and they continue to focus on Kai’s “good” knee. Asuka goes back to leg-based submissions on Kai. Kai fights up and rolls up Asuka for a 2 count. Kai is caught before she can make the tag to Nox.

Asuka drags Kai back into the corner of the Kabuki Warriors. Kai fights up with a series of strikes to Sane. Sane takes down Kai with a palm strike to the chest. Kairi Sane locks in headscissors on Kai, Kai transitions into a pin for a 2 count, but Sane and Asuka double down on their efforts on the attack on Kai’s knee.

Asuka kicks Kai’s back and gets a 2 count pinfall attempt. Asuka takes Kai into the corner of Kai’s corner, toying with Kai. Asuka hits Kai’s head with a series of kicks and catches Kai’s leg before Kai can get the tag, and we go to another commercial.

Kai has Asuka in a fireman’s carry, but Asuka escapes and uses the green mist on Kai before attacking Nox. Sane hits the moonsault onto Kai for the 3 count and the victory.

Winners: The Kabuki Warriors

After the match, Shayna Baszler, Jessamyn Duke, and Marina Shafir come down to the ring and attack Tegan Nox as Kai is still blinded by the green mist. Duke and Shafir hold Nox’s arm in place for Baszler to stomp on it, but Rhea Ripley comes down the entrance ramp. Duke, Nox, and Shafir escape to the outside. Io Shirai and Biance Belair, and Candice Le Rae come out and partake in a brawl outside of the ring, but Ripley and Baszler are the two that remain standing. Eventually, Kai, Shafir, Duke, Nox, Shirai, Belair, and Candice LeRae all participate in a brawl.

William Regal comes out and announces that the solution to this brawl is War Games. We are going to have the very first women’s War Games match. Ripley, LeRae, Nox, and Kai stand in the ring and stare down Baszler, Shafir, Duke, Belair, and Shirai as the crowd chant “War Games,” and we go to commercial break.

Back from commercial, and we get a recap of the War Games announcement.

Tyler Bate vs. Cameron Grimes

Grimes and Bate lock up into a collar and elbow, but Grimes escapes from any technical holds from Bate. Grimes grounds Bate and wrenches on the left arm. Bate rights through and reverses the hold, locking in a seated fujiwara armbar on Grimes. Bate transitions into a standing wristlock, but Grimes fights Bate in the corner.

Bate catches Grimes with an armdrag and holds in the wristlock. Grimes reverses the wristlock and catches Bate with a headscissors. Bate takes down Grimes with a dropkick and gets Grimes in a firemans carry, following it up with an airplane spin. A dropkick sends Grimes to the outside, but, when Bate runs for a tope, Grimes gets back in the ring and catches Bate, slamming him down and pinning him for a 2 count as we go to commercial.

Back from commercial, and Grimes catches Bate with a huge German suplex into a pinfall attempt for 2. Grimes hits a sliding knee to Bate’s head. Grimes pins Bate’s head down with his knee and manipulating Bate’s joints, in a seeming callout to Pete Dunne.

Grimes holds onto Bate’s left arm and dragging him down to the ring. Bate fights out with a mule kick to Grimes. Bate his a diving European Uppercut to Grimes, and follows it up with another European uppercut and an exploder suplex. Bate hits a running shooting star press for a 2 count.

Grimes catches Bate in an electric chair position, but Bate hits a huge hurricanrana for a 2 count. Bate looks for the Tyler Driver 97, but Grimes catches him. Grimes hits the collision course crossbody for a 2 count.

Bates hits the rebound lariat into a jackknife cover for a 2 count. Bate goes for the Tyler Drive 97 again, but Grimes escapes. Bate goes for German suplex, but Grimes caught Bate with a series of elbows. Bate hits a tope over the top rope onto Grimes.

Killian Dain appears at ringside and distracts Bate momentarily. Bate enters the ring and Grimes catches Bate with a Cave In for the 3 count.

Winner: Cameron Grimes

After the match, Dain hit Bate with a senton in the ring. Dain hits Tyler Bate with a huge cannonball against the steel steps and screams at Bate “Tell your friend that we have unfinished business,” seemingly referring to Pete Dunne. Dain walks up the entrance ramp and disappears.

Matt Riddle and Keith Lee and shown backstage preparing for their match, with Matt Riddle chopping away at Keith Lee. The Undisputed Era are shown warming up as well, and the main event tag team match is coming up right after this commercial break.

Back from commercial, a video package on Angel Garza runs, showing Garza’s family lineage in wrestling. Garza seems like a much more sympathetic in this video package than previously.

Cathy Kelley announces that Rhea Ripley and Shayna Baszler have been announced as the team captains for War Games. Time for the main event.

NXT Tag Team Champions Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish vs. Keith Lee and Matt Riddle (Non-Title Match)

Keith Lee starts the match, but both members of Undisputed Era eliminate Riddle. Lee takes down both Fish and O’Reilly with a diving crossbody, sending O’Reilly out of the ring. Fish and O’Reilly attempt to low bridge Lee, but Lee stops them and takes them both out sending them to the outside. Riddle kicks down O’Reilly and chases Fish back into the ring. Riddle tags in, and hits a spear on O’Reilly and a jackhammer on Fish for a 2 count, and we go to a picture-in-picture commercial.

Lee and Riddle work together on Bobby Fish, Lee interlaces his fingers with Fish, and lifts Fish up with one hand. Fish kicks at Lee’s leg and breaks the hold, tagging in Kyle O’Reilly. Lee gets O’Reilly up and Fish tries to stop Lee by running into him, but Lee just throws O’Reilly into Fish. Riddle tags in, and Riddle and O’Reilly trade strikes until a stray kick sends Riddle down and Fish can tag in.

Back from commercial., and Fish is striking away at Riddle, but Riddle hits a series of gutwrench suplexes on Fish and O’Reilly. Fish sends Riddle back into the corner, and O’Reilly and Fish make quick tags, tag-teaming Matt Riddle. O’Reilly remains in and strikes away at Riddle’s midsection.

Fish comes in and hits a senton on Riddle for a 2 count. Fish knees at Riddle’s midsection and hits him with a back suplex. Fish goes to lock body scissors and a sleeper, but Riddle fights out of the submissions. Riddle stands up with Fish on his back, but Fish fights out of it. Riddle locks in a sleeper on Fish. Fish tags in O’Reilly, and O’Reilly goes to kick Riddle in the corner, but Riddle dodges and O’Reilly kicks Fish in the face.

O’Reilly grabs Riddle’s leg, but Riddle kicks away. Riddle goes to tag Lee, but Fish kicks Lee off of the apron. Fish and O’Reilly hit a series of tag team offense on Riddle, and Lee comes in to break up the pinfall attempt. O’Reilly goes for a guillotine choke, but Riddle stands up in it. Fish hit Lee to try and stop him from coming in the ring. Riddle fights out of the choke and Lee tags in, easily handling Fish and O’Reilly, taking them out with a double clothesline and suplexing both Fish and O’Reilly at once.

Lee gets Fish in an electric chair position, but O’Reilly sweeps the legs of Lee and Lee goes down. Lee fights his way back up and goes to the top rope, going for a moonsault on Fish. Fish rolls out of the way and tags in O’Reilly. Fish hits a Samoan drop on Lee and O’Reilly covers him for a 2 count. Keith Lee picks up Kyle O’Reilly and hits a huge powerbomb. Fish and Riddle tag in.

Riddle hits an exploder suplex on Fish and O’Reilly, followed by a series of Brotons. Riddle hits a German suplex on Fish, but Adam Cole and Roderick Strong come down and distract Matt Riddle. Fish gets O’Reilly out of the ring and hits a moonsault onto all four members of Undisputed Era. Lee pounces on Cole into Strong, and Riddle seems to be heading for the win, but Fish and O’Reilly hit the high-low on Riddle while the referee was distracted by Lee on the outside, covering Riddle for the 3 count.

Winners: Undisputed Era

The Undisputed Era attack Keith Lee again, and Ciampa comes to rescue with a crutch, taking out Strong, Fish, and O’Reilly. Cole runs away, but Ciampa takes out his frustrations on O’Reilly. Ciampa sends O’Reilly into Riddle and Riddle hits him with a Final Flash kneestrike. Lee picks up Kyle O’Reilly and sends him into Strong, Cole, and Fish on the outside. Ciampa, Riddle, and Lee stand in the ring, and Ciampa grabs a mic. Ciampa sees the NXT Championship left in the ring, and says, “Goldie, you’ll have to wait. Daddy’s going to war.” Riddle, Lee, and Ciampa stare down The Undisputed Era. Adam Cole quickly runs up and grabs his belt, retreating up the ramp with the rest of The Undisputed Era as NXT goes off the air.

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