Jordan Myles really let it all out on Twitter and he ended up getting his account locked for a bit.

Perhaps it was because he called Jay Lethal an “Uncle Tom.” For whatever reason, Myles was in Twitter jail for a bit. He’s out now, but he’s not sorry for what he said although he did release a statement that what he said was unprofessional.

I’m out of Twitter jail.

Trap my page, but never my mind.


I still stand by what I said.

One fan pointed out the fact that Myles deleted that controversial tweet about Jay Lethal. He also took down the video he tweeted out where he said “WWE doesn’t care about black people.”

Jordan Myles explained that he deleted those tweets because they were fueled by rage. He’s still not taking back what he said.

Deleted it because it was fueled by rage. And a close friend also thought it wasn’t a good look.

I’m not taking back my words, but I will admit my rage got the best of me and I could have expressed myself a lot better than I originally did.

We will just have to wait and see what is next for Jordan Myles. He could be coming up with some new merchandise of his own soon because he is currently looking for someone to create a new logo for him.

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