Watch CM Punk Lose His Mind Correcting Bad Grammar

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CM Punk doesn’t have much patience for people who use bad grammar. It’s a good thing that Grammar Slam is back and it’s spooky this time. That doesn’t change how serious CM Punk takes his grammar.

One fan sent in a letter asking Punk a question about his new movie Girl On The Third Floor. It is interesting how CM Punk introduced himself as “superstar wrestler” since he’s shied away from that title for a long time.

This fan asked CM Punk, “did you really loose your mind” when filming Girl On The Third Floor. Punk then proceeded to go into quite a tirade about this fan mistaking “loose” for “lose.”

A production assistant walked in and saw nothing wrong with the question. So, he got a bottle to the back of the head.

You can check out the clip below or click here if you have trouble viewing it.

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