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Roman Reigns will get a shot at the Intercontinental Title tonight as he faces Shinsuke Nakamura. This match could go anywhere, especially with Sami Zayn by Nakamura’s side.

Bayley will be on Miz TV and try to explain her heel turn.

The #1 contender for the SmackDown Women’s Title will be determined in a huge six-pack challenge match. Carmella, Nikki Cross, Sonya Deville, Mandy Rose, Lacey Evans, and Dana Brooke will face each other to see who will face Bayley at a later date.


The New Day will team up with Heavy Machinery to face The Revival and Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode is also slated for the show.

  • Roman Reigns ready to take the Intercontinental Title from Shinsuke Nakamura
  • Bayley joins “Miz TV” in the wake of reclaiming the SmackDown Women’s Championship in brash fashion
  • SmackDown Women’s Championship opportunity on the line in Six-Pack Challenge Match
  • The New Day team up with Heavy Machinery against The Revival and Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode

Opening Segment

It looks like they were able to put all of the SmackDown Superstars from the draft in the opening video.

Shinsuke Nakamura vs Roman Reigns – IC Title Match

Nakamura’s Business Associate Sami Zayn joined Cole and Graves on commentary. Zayn considers himself Nakamura’s “Liberator.”

Shinsuke fired the first shots with some stiff knees and a knee drop before Reigns nailed a boot and took control after an elbow. He drove Nakamura into the turnbuckles and then they traded shots before Reigns hit a Samoan Drop for a two count.

Zayn left commentary to help motivate Nakamura at ringside. Then Reigns tried to hit a drive-by, but Zayn pulled Nakamura out of the way. Then Shinsuke kicked Roman and sent him crashing to the mat.

Shinsuke continued to wear down on Roman until he fought back. Then Nakamura nailed a kick, but Roman caught him with a right off of a leap from the turnbuckle followed by a clothesline and another two clotheslines.

Roman nailed another kick and the crowd started to get behind him. He prepared for a Superman Punch, but Shinsuke grabbed an armbar. Then Nakamura transitioned into a triangle, but Roman powered out of it for a powerbomb and a two count.

Zayn got on the apron and caused a distraction so Nakamura took advantage of this situation. He hit a kick and a snap German suplex. Nakamura tried to hit a Kinshasa, but Reigns nailed a Superman Punch instead for a two count.

Just when Roman Reigns was about to hit a spear, King Corbin appeared and nailed him with his scepter.

Winner: Roman Reigns by DQ.

Daniel Bryan ran down for the save and he laid out the heels after he did some damage. Then Zayn held Bryan so Nakamura could nail a Kinshasa.

The New Day cut a promo backstage where they were singing and Big E said he doesn’t want any children. Then Tucker showed up with a table and then Otis drank a bunch of gross things all mixed up in a bowl. Heavy Machinery, everyone.

Corbin was asked by Kayla Braxton backstage if he had anything to say after attacking Roman Reigns. He didn’t say a word before walking off.

Curtis Axel vs Shorty Gable

They played a promo video for Chad Gable that explained why they call him Shorty. It was a nice bit of storytelling.

Axel took control early on in this match. He hit a Natural Selection for a two count and continued to work on Shorty. Then Gable got a two count off of a roll-up.

Gable avoided Bo Dallas on the outside and then reversed a Perfect Plex to grab an ankle lock for the submission win.

Winner: Shorty Gable

After the match, Kayla was in the ring and interviewed him. She was asking him about his height… she is about three inches shorter than Gable. He said it’s okay to be who you are and then he said “thank you” to anyone who ever screwed with him. He’s embracing who he is. Then he said that everyone should accept who they are. He accepts who he is. Now he’s Shorty G. It looks like they’re really using that copyright.

Hulk Hogan Via Skype

They asked Hogan via Skype what he’s gonna do about Seth Rollins dropping out of the match, brother.

Then he said Shorty G and Ali stood out. He also said we’ll have a big announcement at the end of the show. Hogan was fired up and his Skype connection was… an awful commercial for Skype and the internet connection in Florida.

New Day & Heavy Machinery vs Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode & The Revival

Tucker and Ziggler started this off and Dolph quickly took control with strikes and a dropkick, but Tucker returned fire with a dropkick of his own. Then Otis took the tag. Heavy Machinery hit stereo suplexes on Roode and Ziggler next.

Then Big E and Otis “wishboned” Ziggler. The Revival were also sent outside with some suplexes. Then Woods nailed a somersault dive over the top rope. Roode and Ziggler returned fire with a devastating double team move on Xavier.

This match continued past the commercial break and the heels continued to take control. The Revival tagged in and out as they all took turns beating up Woods.

Woods started to fight back and he hit a missile dropkick on Ziggler. Otis and Roode took tags at the same time. Then Otis took everybody out. Roode tried to chop him, but Otis just humped the air. Then Otis nailed a splash and pancaked Zigler before throwing Roode and then he squashed Roode against the ropes before doing a caterpillar.

Otis caught Dawson off the rope, but Wilder got involved. They took Otis down, but only got a two count. Tucker took out Wilder and Ziggler on the out side. Then Otis lifted Dawson up and tagged Big E who took Dawson off his hands and then he tagged in Woods and hit a Midnight Hour for the win.

Winners: New Day & Heavy Machinery

Miz TV

Bayley came out with Sasha Banks by her side and she had a whole new entrance look and music. It was quite different.

Banks said she is out there to support her best friend. The Miz started to talk, but Bayley finished his sentence. Bayley’s new persona seems bored with everything I like it.

Then WWE played footage of Bayley murdering her buddies. They even cut in the kid crying that went viral. “Hey bitches, screw all of you” needs to be on a Bayley t-shirt yesterday.

The Miz asked Bayley “why” and she didn’t have an answer. She took her time and said she doesn’t owe anyone an explanation. The Miz asked her “what about the children?” Bayley didn’t say anything. The Miz asked if she’s not talking “are you like Brock Lesnar? Is this your Paul Heyman?” he asked while referring to Banks.

Then The Miz said that Bayley will always play second fiddle to Banks. The Boss didn’t seem happy and took a shot at when The Miz was drafted. He said it doesn’t matter when he was drafted because when he talks people listen.

Bayley said she slashed up the stupid Bayley Buddies because they represented who she used to be. She gave every week. Headbands, high fives, hugs. All they did was take.

Bayley said when she lost her title at Hell In A Cell she was heartbroken, in pain, and crying and nobody was there to hug her. No, they weren’t. She said she’s put herself second to be a role model for “their children” and when she needed them most they weren’t around. So, she picked herself up and won her title back on her own.

Then Bayley said there was no body to give her a congrats backstage. Then she called the WWE women’s division lazy saying they lack passion. She used to be what they wanted her to be, but “the truth is I have out grown them.” Then she asked if fans wanted inspiration: “Life sucks and then you die.” THAT’S ANOTHER T-SHIRT.

Nikki Cross came out and said the time for talking is done and the time for action is now. She’s going to win the six pack challenge and then she’ll give Bayley a hug. Then Dana Brooke came out said “not so fast Nikki.” She cut herself a little promo to hype the match too. It was about being overlooked. Tonight marks a new beginning and she can feel it. Because the Flex Appeal is here on Friday Night SmackDown then she tried to get people to flex. Lacey Evans came out next and she didn’t cut a promo at all even though that would make sense.

Nikki Cross vs Lacey Evans vs Dana Brooke vs Mandy Rose vs Sonya Deville vs Carmella

Michael Cole pointed out that Carmella is in the ring and asked Corey Graves where Pancake (their dog) is.

As Mandy and Sonya beat up Carmella on the outside, Graves said how great it would be if they could become co-champions.

Brooke took out Fire & Desire and then Evans took Brooke out before throwing her hanky at Bayley and then Cross hit a baseball slide followed by a splash off the barricade from Carmella.

After commercial, Fire & Desire continued to lay down the punishment on Carmella. They double teamed her until Mella was thrown out of the ring into a bunch of other competitors. Then Nikki Cross hit a dive on everyone else.

Dana nailed a sit-down powerbomb on Evans and climbed the ropes as Michael Cole said “Flex Appeal.” Brooke nailed a senton for a two count. Mandy and Mella started slapping each other and Corey said “that’s the greatest thing I’ve ever seen” after Cole told him not to get excited.

Mella locked on a Code Of Silence on Mandy, but it was broken up. Lacey hit a Women’s Right on Deville and then Nikki hit a neckbreaker on Rose and got the win.

Winner: Nikki Cross

Braun Strowman vs Drew Gulak

This is an excellent use for Gulak as he grabbed a microphone and said it’s his SmackDown debut and then he introduced himself as a former Cruiserweight Weight and a combat sports historian. He said that if Braun goes into Crown Jewel doing his same old Monster Among Men then Tyson is going is knock him out. He doesn’t want to see that. He’s a WWE Superstar like Strowman so he said he’s on his side. Then he said that he developed a 345 slide Power Point presentation to show him how to beat Fury.

He didn’t get past slide one before Strowman jumped him and demolished Gulak. He beat Gulak around the ring and then he hit a Running Powerslam before screaming “Tyson I hope you’re watching!”

Winner: Braun Strowman

Daniel Bryan & Roman Reigns vs Shinsuke Nakamura & King Corbin

Roman Reigns was announced as the Captain of Team Hogan at Crown Jewel.

The heels maintained control of the beginning of this match as Bryan took a bunch of punishment. Corbin took it outside and Bryan took a bump off the barricade. Then they returned to the ring where Daniel ate a Deep 6.

Nakamura came in next and then Bryan moved so Corbin posted his shoulder. Nakamura continued the abuse and Bryan flipped over him and hit a knee, but he didn’t get to Roman for the tag.

Corbin pulled Roman off the apron and sent him into the steps at the last second and then Nakamura hit a running knee on Bryan for a two count.

Corbin put some steel steps at ringside and put Roman on them. He grabbed the other set of steps and tried to squash Roman, but the referee stopped him. Then Bryan hit a dropkick through the ropes. Nakamura rolled him up for a pin, but Bryan transitioned it into a LeBell Lock. Nakamura got out.

Roman hit a Superman Punch on Corbin and speared him through the barricade.

Then Bryan got to his feet and nailed some Yes Kicks before he hyped up the crowd. Before Bryan could hit his knee, Nakamura hit a knee. Then Bryan hit a running knee in return for the win.

Winners: Roman Reigns & Daniel Bryan

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