Silver King sadly passed away in the ring at the Lucha Libre World show at the Roundhouse Theater a short time ago. This was a tragic event and the pro wrestling world was reeling after the fact.

The Camden New Journal has published an article that notes “multiple failures” in the precious minutes after Silver King suffered a heart attack. He was only 51 years old.

St. Pancras Coroner’s Court’s Senior Coroner Mary Hassell said that Silver King suffered a cardiac arrest and “ineffective” CPR was performed on him before EMTs could arrive.

“[They] lost the opportunity to have the best treatment possible and lost the opportunity of survival that otherwise would have been afforded to him.”

Silver King was competing against Juventud Guerrera and King hit a clothesline before falling to the mat. The referee checked on him, but the match continued and paramedics weren’t called immediately. Eventually, an ambulance was called and Silver King was taken to the hospital, but it was too late.

Hassell continued to explain in the report about the inefficiency in this emergency situation.

“When I’m talking about failure in first aid, I’m talking about a whole raft, the whole context of the first aid that was offered.  In every way, there was a failure properly to plan that everybody knew what they were doing, that procedures were in place so that first and foremost a person who would became unwell would be identified in the ring immediately.”

Silver King passed away due to natural causes. It was noted that it was likely brought on by the added stress of performing. It was previously reported that Silver King suffered a previous condition.

Something else that kept EMTs from getting there sooner is the fact that security brought them around the back of the venue. This delayed them from getting to the ring quicker in a time when there was no time to lose.

It was also noted that the first responder did not have a defibrillator with her. She did not provide Silver King with CPR like someone should if they had the required training. It was also reported that communication might have also been an issue because the first responder feared a spinal injury was the issue.

Felix Upton

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