Kenny Omega Claps Back At Fans Accusing AEW Of Pulling Jon Moxley From NJPW

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Jon Moxley would not make his scheduled appearance for New Japan Pro Wrestling due to a typhoon. It’s understandable that Mox couldn’t fly into Japan in that weather, but some fans are still skeptical.

Due to his absence, Jon Moxley had to vacate the IWGP United States Title.

There is a theory going around that AEW pulled Jon Moxley from NJPW because they didn’t want him dropping the United States Title to Juice Robinson. That is not the case as Dave Meltzer chimed in saying: “I hate to break it to you, but they don’t have the power to create a typhoon for that purpose nor create a plethora of flight delays.”

Kenny Omega saw this controversy and replied as well while using a familiar running joke within AEW conspiracy theories.

The weather was on our payroll

Jon Moxley will very likely be on AEW: Dynamite this week, weather permitting. Of course, Mox also won’t need to fly around the globe to make a date in Philadelphia either.

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