WWE 2K20 is coming out on October 22nd and plenty of fans have pre-orders in. One thing that this game won’t feature is a heel Bayley. The new RAW and SmackDown sets are also likely to be absent because they were just unveiled last week.

Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that it is actually a running joke within the 2K guys that WWE will always change something huge about a major character right before the game comes out.

“I hung out with the WWE 2K guys and it’s a running joke that by the time the video game comes out it’s like characters change and this and that. A lot of times that’s just the nature of the beast and that’s gonna happen. Like that’s gonna happen they’re gonna come up with a new idea and it will be after the deadline for the game, but before the game comes out. It’s just gonna happen.”

“It’s gonna happen with any wrestling company. Someone gets hurt, someone comes up with an idea and things change so there’s that, but when they have legitimate plans and they’re like okay our video game is coming out on October 22nd, you know this character is gonna be this, but they won’t tell them so their own game is outdated when it comes out because they are, you know.”

WWE 2K20 was able to get Bray Wyatt into the new game with a downloadable package, but Bayley’s entrance will still feature the now-deceased Bayley Buddies.

Chad Gable will also not be “Shorty Gable” in the new game which might be a good thing because even Brazzers trolled WWE over that one.

They can always patch the game or offer a downloadable heel Bayley or new sets later on, but that’s what user created content is for.

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