Angelina Love Fires Back At Fans For Body Shaming Her

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Angelina Love might be small, but she’s the ROH Women’s Champion and she’s not going to take crap from anyone.

Love recently fired back at “fan boys” who mock her size. She reminded people that looks don’t matter and she’s willing to back it up in the ring with Allure.

So Ring of Honor fans always talk about how looks don’t matter & how it’s all about the wrestling… so here I am, a 7 time World Champion and I’ve got a guy in Vegas yelling out a comment that I only weigh 7 lbs.. hmmmm… I thought looks don’t matter? Huh? You get pissed off that The Allure come in & take over the company looking like the girls who dissed your lame asses in high school & that’s all you seem to care about. You guys are whack. Well let me tell you something, if an 80 pound dumbbell was dropped on your head you’d be knocked the f*%# out. Why don’t you pay attention to what you “claim” is important to you and we’ll just keep taking over, being hot, kicking ass and winning championships.



This should be a lesson that Angelina Love doesn’t forget and she’s not going to just let people talk about her either. They can keep running their mouths about her though, because it will only get Allure more attention and secure her top heel spot in ROH.

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