ODB Reaches Out To Fans After Devastating Loss

Life can throw unexpected tragedies at us from time to time and this is exactly what happened to ODB. Now we have a chance to help her out a little bit in her time of need.

A crowdfunding account has been started to help ODB get her food truck back in working order. As we previously reported, her food truck burned down which was a devastating loss.

On September 7th, ODB’s food truck burned down. It was not only a major source of income for Jessica Kresa, but also a life long passion with cooking and meeting people. After sinking a fortune into her streamline, something caught fire late one night and the insurance company is only willing to recoup a small percentage of the total price. That’s why we’re turning to you, the faithful fans for a little bit of help.

Not leaving empty-handed.

Of course, we don’t expect you to help without getting anything in return. We’ve set up all sorts of prizes that you can get in return for your assistance. These include: 

Autographed photos.

A phone call with ODB

BBQ and Hot Sauce

A TNA Impact! worn Wedding dress. Yes, you read that right. 

And more!

We can rebuild!

With your generous support, ODB will rebuild and maybe even come to a town year you!

The fundraiser just started so she has a long way to go to reach the $50,000 goal. It appears that although she has only received 3% of the funds needed so far, they have a “flexible goal,” which means she will get anything donated to her.