Brazzers Offers WWE Assistance To Create ‘Satisfying Finishes’

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WWE’s Hell In A Cell pay-per-view did not satisfy fans very much at all. It turns out that popular pornography company Brazzers noticed this as well.

Brazzers offered their help to WWE on the morning after Hell In A Cell. They told WWE to give them a call if they need any advice in creating “coherent storylines with satisfying finishes.”

You have to know it’s bad when a porn company is dragging you for not making any sense with your story.

Hey WWE, let us know if you need advice on how to craft logical and coherent storylines with satisfying finishes #HIAC

With Paul Heyman as Executive Director of Raw, you never know if he might take Brazzers up on their deal. It seems like they could definitely use some pointers right now and Vince McMahon might be wise to accept assistance anywhere he can get it.

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