All Elite Wrestling Gets Big Push On Twitter With #ImWithAEW

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All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite will debut on TNT tonight and we thank you for reading all about it right here at Ringside News. A lot of pro wrestling fans get their news from Twitter and it looks like AEW is getting a little push from the social media giant.

Both #AEW and #ImWithAEW are now accompanied with special All Elite Wrestling world title belts on Twitter. This is a pretty good promotional tactic for the emerging pro wrestling company.

Usually special emojis on Twitter are dedicated to large events or causes so this should be an indicator of the kind of attention AEW is getting. It is also proof of how much All Elite Wrestling is investing in their social media outreach as they have also sponsored plenty of promotional ads as well.

We will have to see if it all pays off once the ratings come in tomorrow, but AEW is doing everything they can to get the word out through social media.

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