New RAW Announcer Is Reportedly A Paul Heyman Guy

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Paul Heyman is Executive Director of WWE RAW and he has slowly started having more influence on the product. At this point, his fingerprints are all over the show and his creative direction is going to be even more pronounced starting next week.

WWE’s new RAW announce team will be Vic Joseph, Dio Maddin, and Jerry Lawler. It was previously reported that Jerry Lawler is temporary in that role until they find a permanent replacement.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted that bringing Dio Maddin onto RAW was a Paul Heyman decision. It is said that Maddin was an “outside the box” decision from Heyman.

We’ll have to see how Dio Maddin does in his new role. He got to cut his teeth on 205 Live and now he’s being thrown into the deep end and expected to swim. At least Paul Heyman will apparently have his back which is always a great person to have as an advocate.

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