WWE Looking For ‘Any Advantage They Can Get’ Over AEW

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All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite will debut next Wednesday on TNT, but NXT already has a pretty solid foot in the door with two weeks on the USA Network.

During this week’s show, it was hard to ignore that Mauro Ranallo kept saying that NXT will be presented next week with “limited commercial interruptions. This could result in some clever tricks with timing and trying to gain an edge on their opponent.

“They’re only going to do that next week because AEW’s going to have a regular commercial schedule and they’re looking for any advantage they can get,” Dave Meltzer explained on Wrestling Observer Radio.

When asked if NXT might start beginning their program two minutes early like Nitro did during the Monday Night Wars, Meltzer didn’t dismiss the idea.

“People may, everyone’s gonna start reacting and the two minutes early and two minutes late is stuff people did before and depending on how heated this thing goes, you know… the difference is that TNT doesn’t own [AEW] so they’re not as invested, but they’re pretty invested. The people I’m in touch with in TNT are like, ‘We’re in it big time.'”

AEW is doing a lot to get the word out about their new show. They have consistently bought up advertising time during WWE programming and even played previews before The Rock’s latest blockbuster.

We’ll have to see what kind of tricks NXT and AEW might be able to pull off. They are definitely off to an interesting start and Dynamite hasn’t even debuted yet.

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