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Following the no-contest finish to last week’s main event and the locker-room-emptying brawl that took place across Full Sail Arena, this week’s edition of NXT has many different directions that it could take. NXT is currently riding high on momentum after the hour 1 main event that closed the USA broadcast last week, so how will they capitalize on this momentum for this week?

After being confronted by Kushida last week, Imperium’s WALTER has issued a challenge for Kushida to find two tag team partners and face-off against Imperium in a six-man tag match. Who will answer the call and team up with Kushida?

With both men cleared to compete, Keith Lee and Dominik Dijakovic are set to go one-on-one, renewing their feud. The last time these two giants squared off, Dijakovic was victorious. Will Dijakovic come out victorious again, or will he bask in the glory of Keith Lee?

Also tonight: after spending the entirety of 2019 out with a torn ACL, Dakota Kai returns to in-ring action.

Finally, in tonight’s main event, a rematch from last week, as Matt Riddle goes head-to-head with Killian Dain in a Street Fight. However, this week, the stakes are even higher, as the winner of this match will get a future shot against Adam Cole for the NXT Championship!

All of this and more, when the black and gold brand goes live and coverage begins at 8:00 PM EST!

Opening Segment

We get a video package recapping last week’s action and showing off how well-received NXT’s USA Network debut was. The Undisputed Era emerge from a platform above the commentary table, standing at the top, holding all of the gold.

Keith Lee vs. Dominik Dijakovic

Dijakovic and Lee size each other up at the start of the match, with Lee showing off his impressive agility. Lee’s insane athleticism and weight advantage give him a clear advantage, as Lee leapfrogs over Dijakovic, then sending him over the top rope with a pounce.

Lee goes to suplex Dijakovic into the ring from the apron, but Dijakovic counters with a knee. A headbutt from Lee evens the field again. Dijakovic hits a massive chokeslam on to Keith Lee on the apron, and we go to commercial break.

Back from commercial, and Lee rocks Dijakovic with a strike, and then spikes him with a body slam. Dijakovic tries to slam Lee’s face into the top turnbuckle, but Lee is unphased and returns the favor. Then he lands a huge corkscrew dive onto Dijakovic to the outside.

Lee rolls Dijakovic back into the ring, but Dijakovic gets Lee in a guillotine choke. Dijakovic tries to roll it into a small package, but Lee is in the ropes. Lee grounds Dijakovic with a headbutt, then hits a moonsault from the middle rope onto a grounded Dijakovic for a close two count.

Lee perches Dijakovic on the top rope and follows him, but Dijakovic hits an avalanche Canadian destroyer from the top rope for another close two count. Dijakovic dives off the top rope for another two count, but Lee sits up out of the pin and picks up Dijakovic. Lee gets Dijakovic in a fireman’s carry, then hits a Big Bang Catastrophe for the three count pinfall victory.

Winner: Keith Lee

We see a recap of Shayna Baszler confronting Candice LaRae after the match, and we see a Tale of the Tape for the match between those two. Then, another recap of the brawl from last week, with William Regal shutting down the street fight.

Matt Riddle warms up for his match backstage, and we got to another commercial.

Back from commercial, the Street Profits announce that they will face The Undisputed Era for the NXT Tag Team Championships next week.

Dakota Kai vs. Taynara

Dakota Kai receives a hero’s welcome as she comes down the ramp and into the ring, and Taynara Conti is now known just as Taynara.

Kai hits a bicycle kick right to Taynara and climbs the top turnbuckle, but Taynara crotches Kai on the top rope and drops her to the ground with a kick. Taynara’s kicks and judo experience keep her in control of Kai, and Taynara goes for pin for a two count.

Kai is able to fight back with kicks of her own. An axe kick to Taynara’s back is followed up with kicks to her face, including a helluva kick style kick to Taynara in the corner. Kai hits a GTK and gets the three count and the victory.

Winner: Dakota Kai

Cathy Kelly announces the 6-Man Tag match between Imperium and Team Kushida. Killian Dain is seen brooding as he prepares for his match with Matt Riddle, which is up right after this commercial break.

After commercial, a quick video package hypes up Johnny Gargano.

Next week: The Undisputed Era vs. The Street Profits for the NXT Tag Team Championships. Also, Candace LeRae vs. Shayna Baszler for the NXT Women’s Championship.

Matt Riddle vs. Killian Dain in a Street Fight to Determine the #1 Contender for the NXT Championship

Riddle and Dain exchange body strikes, but Riddle is tossed out of the ring. He gets back in and grounds Dain, locking in a submission. Dain reverses it into a pinfall for a two count.

Riddle’s agility and technical ability give him a clear advantage against Dain, as Dain goes out of the ring. Riddle follows him out, with a leaping forearm strike from the ring steps as we go to commercial break.

Back from commercial, and Dain is firmly in control of Riddle in one of the corners. We get a clip fro the commercial break of Riddle hitting Dain with a kendo stick and Dain dropping Riddle with a dropkick. Meanwhile, Riddle drops Dain and hits him with a series of Brotons and a PK for a two count.

Riddle goes for a move from the middle rope, but Dain gets Riddle in an electric chair. Riddle goes to the well one too many times with his kicks, and Dain drops Riddle, following it up with a senton and a pinfall attempt for a two count.

Riddle’s impressive strength allows him to hit Dain with an Alabama slam, then he hits a Floating Bro for a two count. Dain goes for a tope suicide onto Matt Riddle on the outside of the ring. Then, Dain throws a chair directly at Riddle’s shoulder and ear, then hits him with another in the barrier.

Riddle is able to get back on the offense and land kicks on Dain followed up by Riddle throwing a chair at Dain. Riddle uses the environment to attack Dain, but Dain sends Riddle into some of the stage equipment. Riddle hits Dain with rights, and Dain hits Riddle with a huge crossbody, crashing through a wall, and we got to another commercial.

Back from commercial, and Riddle is standing on some of the seats with Dain below him. Riddle hits a Broton onto Dain through a table. Dain and Riddle stand back up, but Riddle kicks Dain senseless and rolls Dain back into the ring, following it up with a leaping dropkick from the apron for a two count.

Riddle picks up a chair and looks to the audience distracted, but Dain hits Riddle with a crossbody, getting the better of that exchange. Dain hits three Vader bombs onto Riddle and goes for the pin, but Riddle kicks out at two.

Dain grabs a chair and lays it across Riddle, then hits the chair with a kendo stick. Dain puts the chair across Riddle and goes for a Vader bomb again, but Riddle gets up and strikes Dain with the chair, then a power bomb. Riddle hits Dain with a Final Flash knee strike into a chair for a very close two fall.

Riddle lays a chair across Dain and hits the chair with the kendo stick, then hits Dain with some fists in a ground and pound situation. Riddle goes for a submission, but Dain gets out of it. He tries to hit Riddle with a chair, but Riddle hits the chair out of Dain’s control. Dain hits Riddle with some hard strikes, but Riddle gets Dain in a Fujiwara armbar, and Dain submits.

Winner: Matt Riddle

Next Week: Adam Cole vs. Matt Riddle for the NXT Championship.

Adam Cole comes down to the ring, holding the NXT Championship in Riddle’s face. Riddle grabs Cole’s arm and gets him in a Fujiwara armbar. Cole taps, but the rest of the Undisputed Era come to Cole’s aid and run off Riddle. Riddle celebrates at the top of the ramp as the rest of the Undisputed Era tend to Cole in the ring as NXT switches over to the WWE Network for hour 2.

Hour 2 kicks off with Adam Cole still being tended to by the rest of his Undisputed Era teammates, and Riddle’s music is still playing in Full Sail Arena. We get a recap of the closing moments of the match between Riddle and Dain and Riddle attacking Cole.

We get a recap of Imperium’s promo and Kushida’s attack on them. We also learn that the Imperium members to face Kushida will be Alexnder Wolfe, Marcel Barthel, and Fabian Aichner.

Rhea Ripley vs. Kayden Carter

Carter goes right at Ripley, surprising her, but Ripley drops Carter with a dropkick, then shoulder blocks into the corner. Ripley hits Carter with a delayed vertical suplex and covers Carter for a two count.

Ripley is still on top of Carter, striking her. Carter is able to reverse Ripley’s strikes, hitting a couple of hurricanranas and a back kick for a two count. Rhea Ripley recovers and hits Carter with her pump handle powerbomb, The Riptide, for a three count and the victory.

Winner: Rhea Ripley

Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch vs. Ever-Rise (Chase Parker and Matt Martel)

Oney Lorcan starts off strong for his team against Matt Martel, but Martel gets Lorcan in a wrist lock and gets in control. Lorcan reverses the wrist lock and tags in Burch for a double team chop.

Martel tags in Chase Parker, but Burch gets Parker in a headlock on the ground. Burch runs the ropes and Parker tries to catch Burch with a knee, but Burch reverses. Lorcan gets the tab but Ever-Rise team up on Lorcan get the advantage. Chase Parker tags in and gets a snap suplex for a one count, then gets in a submission hold.

Parker and Martel continue to double-team Oney Lorcan, with Martel hitting a pendulum backbreaker on Lorcan. Parker tags in and Ever-Rise hit a double team backbreaker/knee strike combo. Martel tags bak in, getting a wristlock in the back of Lorcan, striking him in the back of the head when he gains steam.

Lorcan is able to get the hot tag for Burch, and he takes out both Parker and Martel, ending it with a missile dropkick onto Parker and a kip-up. Burch tags Lorcan back in, and they hit an elevated DDT for the three count pinfall victory.

Winners: Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch

Chelsea Green and Deonna Purrazzo are shown at ringside, and they are called two of NXT’s newest signees. Kushida is shown backstage, getting ready for his 6-Man tag match.

Cameron Grimes vs. Raul Mendoza

Grimes is pacing like a caged animal and tries to come out of the corner with a repeat of last week with a double stomp, but Mendoza dodges and gets Grimes in a wristlock.

Mendoza’s speed gives him the advantage over Grimes, outspeeding Grimes at every corner. Grimes sends Mendoza into the ropes and attempts a crossbody, but Grimes catches Mendoza and reverses the momentum into a two count pinfall.

Grimes stomps on Mendoza, chops him, and sends him hard into the corner. Grimes maintains control with an armbar, and ultimately lays out Mendoza with a strong strike to the face. Grimes goes back to the arm after a pinfall attempt. Mendoza fights back into a standing position, but Grimes grounds Mendoza with an armbar/headlock combination.

Mendoza fights out and hits a huge step-up enziguri. Mendoza tosses Grimes into the corner and grounds Grimes with a springboard dropkick. Mendoza runs at Grimes, but Grimes catches him with an elbow. Mendoza hits an enziguri and a springboard frankensteiner for a two count.

After another pinfall attempt for two from Raul Mendoza, Grimes catches Mendoza with the leaping double stomp and pins him for the three count victory.

Winner: Cameron Grimes

Imperium are shown backstage, warming up for their match. Up Next: Imperium vs. Kushida and two partners.

Imperium vs. Kushida and Two Mystery Partners

Wolfe, Aichner, and Barthel make their way to the ring, WALTER notable by his absence. They corner Kushida, but Kushida’s partners are revealed to be the Fashion Police, Breezango.

Breezango and Kushida dance together, but Imperium stand up against them and the match begins.

Kushida begins the match with Fabian Aichner, but the crowd is chanting for Breezango. Kushida hits a cartwheel basement dropkick, but Aichner kicks out at two. Aichner is able to reach Marcel Barthel for the tag and the PK.

Wolfe tags in and pins Kushida with a German suplex, but kicks out and tags in Fandango. Fandango drops Wolfe with a dropkick, and a “Let’s go Dango” chant starts. Dango tags in Breeze and they double team Wolfe with kicks to the face.

Breeze gets Wolfe ina headlock, but Wolfe drives Breeze into Imperium’s corner and Fabian Aichner tags in. Aichner throws Breeze out of the ring and tags Barthel, who takes down Breeze with a running strike. Barthel gets Breeze back in the ring and goes for a ground and pound.

Alexander Wolfe tags in and gets in a headlock on Breeze. Breeze hits elbows to the midsection, but Wolfe hits Breeze with a backbreaker for a two count. Aichner tags in and hangs Breeze in a tree of woe. Wolfe and Barthel double team Breeze with stereo dropkicks. Barthel tags in Wolfe and they continue to double team Breeze.

Wolfe tags in Fabian Aichner, and kicks Breeze’s face, then chokes him against the bottom rope. Aichner hits a backdrop and pin for a two count. Barthel tags in and goes after Breeze’s face, which has largely been the focus of Imperium’s offense.

Breeze is in Imperium’s corner and fights off all three members. Barthel intercepts Breeze before he can get the tag, and Imperium take Dango and Kushida off the apron just before Breeze can get the hot tag.

Imperium team up on Breeze while the ref is distracted, but Breeze is able to hit an enziguri and get the hot tang on Dango, as Alexander Wolfe is also tagged in. Dango cleans house of all Imperium members and hits a tope dive onto all three members of Imperium.

Kushida tags in and goes for a submission hold, but Imperium break up the submission. Breeze and Dango take care of Wolfe and Aichner, while Kushida gets the pinfall three count on Barthel.

Winners: Kushida and Breezango

Kushida celebrates at the top of the ramp, but WALTER comes out from the back and blindsides Kushida. WALTER stands tall above an immobile Kushida, with Barthel, Wolfe, and Aichner posing behind him as NXT goes off the air.

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