EC3 Could Finally Be Getting A Push In WWE

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It looks like WWE might finally be listening to the members of the IWC who believe that EC3 deserves better. He became champion once again on tour, but it was only for a brief moment.

We previously reported that EC3 became WWE 24/7 Champion on WWE’s tour in Manila. R-Truth was able to get the title right back. It looks like they did another title change and right back again the next night in Shanghai.

WWE’s report of the event announced that EC3 racked up another WWE 24/7 Title win in China.

The two Superstars would then continue to go back and forth when EC3 once again captured the title in Shanghai, only for R-Truth to yet again defeat him to reclaim it. 

This could be a very good sign for EC3. He wasn’t used much at all after he failed to get fans to boo Dean Ambrose when it was just revealed that he was leaving WWE. That was an unfair position to put him in.

Let’s see if this translates to television, but the live fans on tour could be getting a taste of what’s to come for EC3. It is also interesting how this has caused a possible rift between EC3 and his good friend Drake Maverick.

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