NXT’s USA Network debut has been met with a very good response so far. Vince McMahon was huge fan of the show and the ratings have to make him happy as well.

During the teleconference after NXT’s debut on the USA Network, Triple H discussed NXT’s process of building Superstars on television. Some things will remain constant, but they are trying a different approach at all times to keep things interesting.

“I think we’ll approach things differently at all times, but I do think that if you go back and you broke this apart, that first USA [Network] hour — if you broke that apart there’s a lot of character development that actually happened within those segments.”

“It has to be quick and you don’t have a whole segment to have somebody and cut a promo and build a character in that manner. You know, Cameron Grimes… we could have had him go out there and talk. I think I built more intrigue in him tonight with what we did [by squashing Sean Maluta] and now I am interested to know more about him.”


“I think though when we get into the two hours there’s gonna be those opportunities. To build storylines, you have to do that stuff. You have to give me information, not just in the ring, not just physical, but how do you get to those matches? How do you build those characters and those character arches and those storyline arches to get to where the matches themselves could mean the most they could mean?”

“You have to do that stuff, but to me the way that you do it you have to be constantly giving me fresh new something — information, something — I’ve gotta learn something new.”

He went on to say that fans have a very short attention span and something new needs to be brought to the table in order to keep that interest. NXT was off to a very impressive start with a lot happening in very quick segments. Let’s just see if that fast-paced booking will continue.

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