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The New Day vs. Randy Orton and The Revival is advertised in a six-man tag team match. That means RKO might not be done chasing the WWE Title even after Kofi Kingston’s clean win at Clash Of Champions.

We will have King Corbin’s coronation. This should be a regal affair. Let’s hope they show him the respect he 100% deserves with this segment.

Erick Rowan was able to beat Roman Reigns at Clash Of Champions, but he had some big help with Luke Harper’s return. Let’s see what the next steps in this storyline might be.


Shane McMahon will address the firing of Kevin Owens. We previously reported that Owens is not in Atlanta for SmackDown this week. Let’s see if WWE plans another surprise.

Bayley is still the SmackDown Women’s Champion after beating Charlotte Flair at Clash Of Champions. It appears that The Queen isn’t done with The Hugger just yet.

The New Day vs The Revival & Randy Orton

They went right to the match after a little rundown of what to expect tonight.

The Revival knocked The New Day’s pancakes off the turnbuckle during their entrance. That was a nice touch.

Wilder and Big E started out and they worked their way to the apron where Big E landed a splash. Then Xavier Woods got the tag and he hit a splash for a two count. Dawson took a tag next and he started working on Woods.

Then Orton and Kofi got tagged in. Kofi took control and Woods hit a clothesline followed by Kofi as they worked in tandem against RKO before Big E hit a splash.

Kingston almost hit a Trouble In Paradise, but Orton rolled out of the ring.

They continued and the heels had control of Woods when we came back from commercial. Woods started to fight back against Orton, but RKO hit multiple thumbs to Xavier’s eye to stop him from getting to his corner.

Then Orton continued to work on Woods for a bit with chops and stomps on the knee before tagging Dawson who continued working on Woods’ legs. Wilder took a tag and Xavier tried to hit a DDT, but Dash sent Woods out of the ring before Orton nailed a suplex on the announce table. Then they cut to commercial again.

Finally, Woods tagged Kofi and he went on a roll. He hit an SOS on Orton for a two count, but Dawson broke up the pin. Then Kofi sent Dawson outside. Wilder hit a tornado DDT on Big E on the floor and Kofi kicked Orton to the outside. Then Orton caught Kofi in a draping DDT.

Randy teased an RKO, then he tagged in Dawson and ordered The Revival to set Kofi up for a Super RKO. Big E broke that up and then Xavier Woods nailed an elbow drop across the entire ring. Kofi hit a Trouble In Paradise on Scott Dawson for the win.

Winners: The New Day

Suddenly, Brock Lesnar came out on SmackDown Live. He stood on the entrance ramp and then Kofi sent Woods and Big E out of the ring. Paul Heyman said, “it’s a bad day for The New Day, yes it is.”

Then they set up a title match on the Fox premier on October 4th. Kofi accepted the challenge and then Lesnar nailed an F5.

Sasha Banks and Bayley cut a backstage interview. They don’t seem worried about anyone in their way.

Erick Rowan Interview

Michael Cole had a sit-down interview with Rowan. He told Cole to ask Harper any questions for him if he had them. Then he said the backstage attacks were just to scare Roman.

Rowan suggested that Cole “lower his tone” and said that he did what he did to change Roman’s perceived dominance that it’s only an illusion. Rowan said he’s been looked over and disrespected. He said people like Cole, Daniel Bryan, and the WWE Universe think he’s just a goon to do other people’s bidding. He’s not a follower, he’s a leader.

He said Daniel Bryan’s big mistake is that they were intellectual equals. Everyone will learn to never disrespect him again.

Ali vs Shinsuke Nakamura

Sami Zayn came out and he still had his neck brace on. He said he’s in a lot of pain still and demanded respect. Then he brought out Shinsuke Nakamura, the man that he liberated.

Sami talked some trash to Ali after saying he was lucky to beat Nakamura a few weeks ago. They surrounded Ali and then Sami held his legs while Nakamura took advantage and ran him into the post.

Nakamura hit a Kinshasa and that was it… okay, so there was no match. They said there would be.

Kevin Owens came down during Nakamura’s celebration and took a seat in the crowd. Some fans got very lucky seats.

Shane McMahon was shown in his office and then someone handed him paperwork saying “Shane McMahon, you’ve been served.” He read the papers and walked off.

Shane McMahon vs Kevin Owens Segment

McMahon said that KO handed him the largest wrongful termination lawsuit in history at $25 million. Kevin Owens then brought up how the lawsuit will stand ground. He fined Owens $100,000 for hitting Elias as a referee, but Shane McMahon did the same thing to Owens when he was a referee.

Kevin Owens said he wasn’t being insubordination, he tried to help Shane win the match. He lost the match because he tapped out. Then the crowd started chanting “you tapped out” toward Shane-O.

Then Owens said he’ll hit Shane where it hurts him the most, his wallet and his pride. Owens said he can see it in Shane’s face that he knows he has a case. He also said it’s not just about getting money, but when Owens wins he gets to fire Shane McMahon instead.

Then Kevin Owens left through the crowd.

Charlotte Flair vs Sasha Banks

Offset was there and was wearing one of Ric Flair’s robes. He introduced Charlotte Flair.

Bayley was at ringside and tried to remove the bottom turnbuckle pad again, but she was stopped. Banks used the distraction to turn things around for her advantage.

They two continued and Flair took control with some chops and a fallaway slam. Flair punished Banks in the corner and nearly got a pinfall, but Banks kicked out at 2 1/2.

Flair locked on a Boston Crab and then Banks eventually got free with a roll-up pin before a kickout from Flair. Banks went to the apron and Flair hit a running big boot to send her flying. Then Flair climbed to the top and hit a moonsault on Bayley and Banks to the outside.

They moved back inside and Charlotte locked on a figure four just in time for Bayley to jump in and beat Flair down. The referee called for the bell and then Carmella ran down to take out Banks with superkicks and Flair took out Bayley with a boot of her own.

King Corbin’s Coronation

The ring was all done up with a red carpet and the throne was in the ring. They put a robe on Corbin and then he was presented with his crown which he gladly put on his head while dramatic and regal music played.

They also had a purple light on the crowd which was a nice touch. Corbin said we’re all very excited because he’s KOTR. Him being king is a breath of fresh air. He acknowledged that fans wanted anybody else. He’s not the kind they wanted, but he’s the king they needed. He’s dominant and strong, but also generous and fair.

He won the tournament fairly, so he deserves respect. Then he said as his first act he recognized Chad Gable who came out and didn’t look happy. Then Baron made some short jokes at Gable.

Gable got in the ring and the short puns didn’t stop. Finally, Chad Gable hit a double leg takedown on Corbin though the throne and then Gable broke the scepter across Corbin’s back and destroyed the coronation set including ripping up the cape completely after Corbin left. Finally, Chad Gable stomped on Baron Corbin’s crown after the crowd chanted “yes!”

Byron Saxton said: “So much for the cape, so much for the crown, so much for King Corbin.”

Heavy Machinery vs The B Team

The B Team got some heat on Tucker as they beat him down in the corner and chanted “B Team B Team Go Go Go!”

Finally, Otis took a tag and rolled over Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel. Otis no-sold Bo Dallas’ kicks and then he hit a headbutt and tossed him across the ring before hitting a splash. Then Otis tagged in Tucker.

Otis hit a caterpillar and then they hit a Compactor and won.

Winners: Heavy Machinery

Daniel Bryan Speaks

Bryan said he understands why people blamed him for the Roman Reigns attacks. “Good or bad I’ve never lied to you,” he said tonight he stands exonerated on all the heinous attacks on Roman Reigns.

Then he turned his attention to Erick Rowan. Bryan said he saw how special Rowan was and how he treated him as his equal and his friend because he is his friend.

Then Rowan came out to join the conversation. Rowan told him to stop because he’s sick and tired of hearing him speak. He said that Bryan was always standing in front and wouldn’t let him talk — they weren’t equals. Bryan was too busty making Erick Rowan his follower. He said Bryan never asked him how he felt about anything.

He said “I will not be disrespected” again and then Bryan told him to do something about it. He said there’s nothing that Rowan can do that’s worse than breaking their friendship. Then Luke Harper jumped Bryan and they both took him down.

Suddenly, Roman Reigns came down and he went right for Rowan. He took out both Harper and Rowan hitting Superman Punches and drive bys.

Then the numbers caught up on Reigns as Harper launched him into the ring steps. Then they picked him up and sent Roman spine-first into the ring post.

They tore up the protecting mats on the outside and exposed the concrete. Security ran down, but they were all indie wrestlers, so they took bumps onto the exposed concrete.

Rowan tore the timekeeper’s area apart with his bare hands and used the wall as a battering ram against Roman Reigns before they cleared off the announce table. They picked Daniel Bryan apart and sent him through the announce table with their double crucifix slam.

It looks like we’re getting Rowan and Harper vs Bryan and Reigns soon.

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