Becky Lynch Doesn’t Recall Who Lacey Evans Is

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Becky Lynch is still very proud to be the RAW Women’s Champion as she rolls into Clash Of Champions this Sunday, but there are some who believe she might be leaving RAW soon enough.

The Man commented on an advertisement showing her on the SmackDown brand once they move to Fox. This was something that she really enjoyed rubbing in Bayley’s face.

Lacey Evans hasn’t forgotten about how much she wants to make Becky Lynch pay either. She tweeted back at Lynch saying:

Idk what’s more classless and embarrassing….Comments like this, or having the nasty champions we do.

Lacey Evans might not have forgotten about Becky Lynch, but The Man could apparently use a refresher. So responded with: “New feud, who dis?” to the Lady Of WWE’s comment.

Let’s just see where all of the chips fall once WWE shuffles things around after another Draft which is highly expected for October.

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